Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-free Loose Powder

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-free Loose Powder

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It doesn't feel different than my cheaper brands of face powder. Waste of money if you ask me.

It works great but to much money! Drug store products should not be more then $10.

Love this! This is my go-to powder. I use this the most because it is talc free, very finely milled and the finish is phenomenal. It looks very natural and wears very well. I also love the container. I use a very soft powder brush to apply it and then I blend it in really well, instead of adding more to my face.

I have sensitive skin so I always use hypoallergenic products. I started using Physicans Formula Mineral Loose Powder about 5 months ago and love it! It's lightweight and provides great coverage. I haven't had any issues with the shade. It looks pretty natural when I apply it over my foundation. I'd definitely recommend it!

never have try this product before ,would like to try light beige

Loved this, no reactions/breakouts for me (thankfully) but I had difficulty matching my skin tone. A little over-priced, but compared to Bare Minerals, worth it. If I could have a better match to my skin tone I'd willingly purchase again.

I love the feel of this powder and it covers blemishes and skin flaws nicely. My only issue is that I often have a problem finding the right shade to match my skin tone perfectly. It's either too light or too dark...there is no in-between. I often opt for the lighter shade and apply it lightly as to keep my face from looking too pasty. But overall, with my sensitive skin, this is the only face powder that I've tried that doesn't cause me to break out.

I've tried all their colors and so have several of my friends and no matter what color you choose it turns you orange!!

easy to apply and provided a smooth finish, but after a few tries I just couldnt get the right color for my complexion :(

I will start of with the negative things: this product is overpriced and they need more shades to choose from. On the other hand, I love this powder. It actually covers quite nicely. My skin is not the greatest and sometimes my foundation doesn't cover all that I want it to. When I apply this over my foundation, it covers a lot more. I made sure to buy more of this when it went on sale buy one get one free and I had a coupon for a dollar off, which made it very affordable, but at full price it's a little too high.

i LOVE this product! when it comes to face powder i always use Physicians Formula. its lightweight, doesnt feel dry or "cakey" and it doesnt break my skin out at all

I really love this product! It's lightweight and feels natural! I would recommend it to anyone!!!

My skin is tricky, sometimes too dry, sometimes too oily and breakouts, don't get me started on genetics... but I am currently using this product and loving it hard. It evens out my skin tone, takes away from blemishes and is soooo light weight. Though, like all foundations thus far ( to my knowledge) if you're really pale ( like me, I love it ,so what?) there is no colour match. Also, as I've read some of the reviews, I will NOT recommend it full on ( it seems as some of the testers have broken out horribly), remember always test on a small amount of flesh when trying a new product at least 12 ( i think it is) hours before you need to go out. In conclusion, it worked great for me, but don't hold me accountable.

Excellent makeup at an excellent price. I have tried the other mineral lines but keep coming back to this one. The brush is a bit rough, but that's an easy enough fix. The coverage is great, never looks chalky, and really keeps down the shine.

Love this product works very good. No breakouts i would definately recomment this if you have sensitive skin and very warey about what makeup products you use for your face. And its better than gettin and bare minerals that cost like 50 bucks yea right this is way better only 10 bucks!! Well worth it