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  • rach332011 By  rach332011    

    I like the Glow all the way, the baked bronzer in tropics used as a highlight and the plixigloss is cute over my Tarte lip stain but some products a definitely hit or miss.

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  • kathykelley By  kathykelley    

    I love hard candy but some products are not to good i really like there mouthing of lip shine in love dove . smells great and color is light and not to dark really pretty colors to chose from that is all i have really tried but i think i will try more sometime soon

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  • dragonfire79 By  dragonfire79    

    I really like the Hard Candy line for its price. Some of it is hit or miss though. I have the Sheer Envy primer and I love it but I also bought the Nobody's Perfect concealing palette and it is a waste of money. Hardly any pigmentation and it just felt greasy. The yellow also feathered on my eyelid. I also have the Glamoflauge concealer and I love it. Covers well and doesn't cake up under my eyes.

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  • Pearliieee By  Pearliieee    

    I personally, only like there baked duo shadows, everything else out of the items I have tried are horrible.

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  • bell5love By  bell5love    

    I would give zero stars for this actually. It looked so adorable and fun in the packaging not to mention affordable, but I guess you get what you pay for because when I tried putting any of it on it was non-existent.

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  • bernicecookie By  bernicecookie    

    Adorable! Great for teens or someone needing a quick sparkle enhancement, but not for the die-hard glam queen. Decently price and totally fun, though!

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  • v8pontiacgirl By  v8pontiacgirl    

    I'm totally impressed on my discovery of this product at Walmart. It's actually really great! I wouldn't consider it Dior, but it's pretty close to designer premium. I especially like the Take me out eye liners.

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  • NIKKIC10 By  NIKKIC10    


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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    Not bad makeup, but it seems like the formulation has changed from when it used to be a "premium" makeup versus a Wal-Mart line. The shadows are not as pigmented or easily blendable as before and the packaging has changed. The colored mascaras are great though - an easy way to perk up your look.

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  • prettymuchsb By  prettymuchsb    

    i have one of the bronzers from this line, the lightest one i believe and i also have their concealer palette and i think that they are pretty good for the price.

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  • glittergoddess By  glittergoddess    

    I absolutely love the entire Hard Candy line! They are great quality products for a really affordable price. The eye shadows and lipsticks are so pigmented and the gloss is so shiny without any stickiness. My favorite gloss of the moment is the Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in # 154 All American Girl

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  • Larak12 By  Larak12    

    Hey Mardel! It's sold at walmart and if you can't find it at your walmart, you can find it at walmart.com

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  • Liny07 By  Liny07    

    I love the Hard Candy make up line. I bought about 5 of the eye shadows and i love them. They go on really nice and one little bottle comes with 2 colors so its like 3bucks each color and they only sold at Walmart =]

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  • babygirl20 By  babygirl20    

    i really like this makeup line...i absolutely love their lipsticks and eye shadows...i wasnt too impressed with their concealer palette but overall...its awesome!

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  • erin261983 By  erin261983    

    good colors...plenty to choose from...not too expencive and the makeup goes on great

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