Nicholas Sparks Dear John

Nicholas Sparks Dear John

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I enjoyed this book. I consider it an easy read. Something you can read anywhere and you can pick up/put down anytime. It is pretty predictable what happens, but still an enjoyable book.

I love Nicholas Sparks, but for some reason I could not get through this book. I stopped reading after a couple of chapters.

I loved this book. I will one day watch the movie. From beginning to end it was an amazing book!

I rather enjoyed this book, and the one other that I have read by him. It was pretty engaging, and I finished it in a matter of days. The movie, however, left a lot to be desired for me. I was quite disappointed in it.

I love anything Nicholas Sparks writes and the stories just remind me of my personal life, very good book and very good author!

i didn't love it, but i didn't hate it either. it started off well, but then it just went slightly down hill for me near the end. i guess i was aiming too high.

I LOVE Nicholas Sparks! His books are absorbing and they completely hook you. I look forward to every new publication he produces. This story is just one example. Great story line. I would recommend this to any one that loves to be able to in vision yourself in the story it self. I even have my daughter hooked on his work LOL. Read the book prior to seeing the movie though!!!!!

I will have to check this one out at my local library .I like his books I read a few a long time ago.

FABULOUS!! Nicholas Sparks has a way of drawing us close to characters that we love and adore, and makes us wish they were real and in our life! haha. This is defineatly a page turner. If you love his books, you will not be dissapointed. I read this book when it came out, and I practically squealed in my seat when i saw the movie trailer! Haha. :)

I want to see this!!!

The book was a great read and I just went to see the movie and enjoyed it as well. It is a classic Nicholas Sparks novel of course... The movie ending could have used a little work but I loved the actors in this movie. They were believable and enjoyable to watch.

This one is a tear jerker. I really enjoyed it.

Got this at Target and couldn't put it down. I read all day and finished it that evening. I can't wait to see the movie.

My bff let me borrow this book and I enjoyed reading it. I do not usually gravitate towards books like this; however, I found the characters interesting and realistic. Just five more days and the book will hit the screen!

Great book! I love Nicholas Sparks and look forward to every new book that he writes.