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  • Dalizbeth By  Dalizbeth    

    Good product, get rid of your eye makeup without hurting your skin. Around your eyes stays moist.

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  • isie_14 By  isie_14    

    Omg I love these I used this yesterday and they worked so good my make-up never came off so easy until I used this product.

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  • Joliefawn By  Joliefawn    

    Dry up real fast

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  • ddazee By  ddazee    

    I love these makeup remover pads because they don't irritate even the most sensitive eyes. While they don't always remove stubborn waterproof mascara, these get everything else off and are great for those days when I'm feeling too lay to go through my full routine. These have also been a lifesaver at photoshoots when I need to go from one look to another on a client, without having to worry about irritating their eyes. These will always be a staple in my kit.

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  • Melissabragg By  Melissabragg    

    works good

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  • Beachgirl714 By  Beachgirl714    

    i really don't like how they work...

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  • llmickelson By  llmickelson    

    Love these. They feel very refreshing when you are using them and they are great at removing ANY makeup...I even used them on my sons 'face painting' he had done at school the other day. Very gentle, as I have sensitive skin. I ended up purchasing some for my daughter who has just started wearing makeup!

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  • Menu1985 By  Menu1985    

    I started using them last year. Since not a day gone by when i didn't use them. They are simply awesome, give you a clean and nourishing feeling. I use them religiously in the nights. Sometimes I just use them as cleanser on my face. They are easy to carry... no mess. I love the light smell they leave behind. On my second bottle. Will definitely buy again and again. One of my best investments.

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  • kymi123 By  kymi123    

    DISLIKE! For me they did not remove my mascara as well as the other make up removers I have used and I don't use a lot of make up either. Not impressed with these pads at all.

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  • Courtneyfaithh By  Courtneyfaithh    

    i love these! my friend suggested these to me, and they get all of your makeup off! they smell awesome, and last a long time!

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  • PeaceLovePinkxo By  PeaceLovePinkxo    

    This product is better than the MAC makeup removing wipes. For a fraction of the price, just go pick these up at target or a drugstore, and you'll fall in lovee(:

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    I use the oil free pads and love them! I have tried other brands before but found that I had to add other makeup remover to the pads. This is not the case with the Almay. With one pad I am able to remove all the makeup from my entire face. My skin feels really soft after using them and I will definitely be purchasing them again.

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  • MsLola By  MsLola    

    The makeup remover pads in the blue packaging in the above photo I'm not a fan of. They left too much oil-like substance on my eyes. However the other almay eye makeup remover pads in the lavender packaging, the oil-free pads, are my favorate!! They are moistened just enough to leave your eye clean and fresh feeling. Ive used them consistently for just over a year and I love them!

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  • kb13xoxo By  kb13xoxo    

    Great for removing stubborn eye makeup, also great for liquid just easy moistened pads.

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  • wajiha By  wajiha    

    i absolutely love Almay eye makeup removing pads.. i had using the liquid eye makeup removers because they always tend to be greasy and leave my eyes very irritated and oily so i prefer pads..and Almay has one of the best ones.. it does not irritate my eyes at all and removes all the makeup.. sometimes its hard to remove some mascara but if you just hold the pad over ur eyes for a couple of seconds and let it break the makeup down before just wiping it great

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