Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros

Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros

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bought this for my grandson he loves this game

A great upgrade to the original game. Especially like that it's multi-player

Love this very close to the one I grew up with I play it over and over also easy enough for my toddler to play!

Best game ever!

I love to play this with my 7 year old, who thinks Super Mario is something new. I love how they took something that has been around for so long and revamped the gaming experience for the newer generation!

It was a fun game. The Wii is very limited though.

I think this game is really fun and so do my kids! They can't stop playing it and we have a friendly family competition every week to see who can get the furthest! It's like the classic game which I really like!

I love all Mario games. This one is great and so much fun! I play this with my daughter, and get so into it, we lose track of time. Great game.

Love love love this game completely beat it numerous times its so fun my mom n I play it all the time

I wanted to like this. I really did. I was so excited when I saw they were making a side scroller with 2-player capabilities. I really hoped for something like the older Mario games from NES and SNES. This didn't quite cut it. They tried really hard but fell flat. Something was missing, and I eventually got to the point where I stopped caring. My husband and I both agree about this, and neither of us ever finished the game.

I get excited about any Mario game and this one definitely didn't disappoint! There are so many levels with multiple ways to finish that the game seems never ending! It's fantastic!

What a great version of Mario. I still remember when I was little and I had the nintendo with Mario. Now this video game is totally awesome you feel like you are inside of the game. Mi kids are always playing this video game. I REALLY recommend it.

my favorite game have actually received this as a gift. mario never gets old. will always be my fav :D

I usually like mario games and this one's no different. I haven't completed it yet but it plays like the games I remembered as a child so if you're a bit nostalgic or just into mario games I'd recommend buying this.

I enjoyed this game it's like the classics but fun for the new generation. it didn't take to long and it was to short of a game.