Dr.Pepper Diet Cherry

Dr.Pepper Diet Cherry

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Diet Dr Pepper Cherry is my absolute favorite soda, Diet Dr Pepper has always been a favorite but adding the taste of cherry is just yummy. I don't drink soda too often, but when I do this is the one I choose.

I love the taste of Dr. Pepper on it's own but add in cherry and it's a party. The best part about Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper is that you can't tell it's diet. It's got a great, sweetness to it that doesn't taste like a heap of chemicals the way some other diet drinks do. I'm a pepper :)

I love this soda! I'm not a big soda drinker, but for some reason when I was pregnant, I had a huge craving for this. It has a perfect combination cherry flavor and dr. pepper.

I have always loved Diet Dr. Pepper. It is by far the best diet drink. The Cherry flavor adds something to it and is also great.

YUM love the cherry flavor in my dr. pepper!

This is good, very good. It has no aftertaste and the 2 liter does not go flat as fast as other drinks. Maybe I'm just drinking it faster.... I did not expect it to taste like it does. It will become your new carbonated drink.

My favorite pop!! It is the best pop ever!! The cherry flavor is so amazing!

By far my favorite soda! Excellent taste! Doesn't taste like a diet soda usually does.. no bad after taste!

I love the dr. pepper diet cherry. It's a great flavor.

Love diet dr. pepper!

I loved the diet cherry dr pepper! it might have been a little too smooth! i finish it too fast! haha over all a great pop!

This drink is great! Very tasty and smooth! Everyone else must think so too, b/c it's almost impossible to find! It's sweet, but not overly sweet! Goes down smooth w/o any noticeable after tastes. Can't complain with no calories! Wooohooo!