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  • Jacquelineh18 By  Jacquelineh18    

    This formula made my life easier my son was so fussy and uncomfortable when he was born. my friend tld me about this formula so we decided to try it. i saw a huge difference in a week. i love it and he is still currently on it.

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  • jenigirl4 By  jenigirl4    

    For my daughter, Gerber saved our sanity. She was a preemie and could not nurse, she had tummy and reflux issues. Gerber Gentle made her feel better and she thrived on it. We are happy to say although breast is best if baby needs something different Gerber is our first choice.

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  • jackster By  jackster    

    My daughter uses this brand!

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  • Kimberlybutmom By  Kimberlybutmom    

    Only formula we use. Gentle and great for babies.

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  • Vanna92 By  Vanna92    

    My baby loves this formula but she does have a hard time havng a bowel movement

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  • jvalbooks By  jvalbooks    

    This gave my son severe gas and stomach pains. I wouldn't recommend it.

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  • Kmom721 By  Kmom721    

    Would not recommend. Kids hate it. Constipated them severely.

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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    After several tries,this was the only one that didnt cause stomach problems

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  • sofianne By  sofianne    

    We have never had a problem with this formula, she loves it!

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  • mommybakes By  mommybakes    

    My little one had acid-reflux and spit up so much until we found this formula! I can't believe, as popular as it is, our Dr. didn't recommend this first! We even tried the very expensive Nutrimigen, which he hated! This was a life-saver! Will start out with this brand for our next child!

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  • miamidiva16 By  miamidiva16    

    Trusted brand and have been using this product with my kids for years.. LOVE IT!!

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  • allymike2005 By  allymike2005    

    Good formula. I definitely recommend it.

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  • okiegirl03 By  okiegirl03    

    This formula really helped my son with digestion. He wasn't as gassy and not as fussy. I had tried other formulas and this one was the best overall. Gerber is a brand I trust.

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  • meganhandyside By  meganhandyside    

    This is the formula that we used for our daughter. It seemed to clear up her gas and settle her tummy within a few days of starting it

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  • Liliana6 By  Liliana6    

    this is absolutely a good formula I've bought it for my daughter and she really likes it, she doesnt spit up or get constipated.

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