Apple  MacBook Pro 13.3 Inch Laptop Computer

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 Inch Laptop Computer

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would love to test this laptop

I am in the market to buy a laptop. This was very helpful to read all the reviews. But yes they are a little pricey but I hear worth the extra money. Thank you.

I use a Windows based laptop everyday almost but have so many problems with them locking up or even getting a virus. I have always wanted to get a Mac but sadly have not had the opportunity to, I would love to put one to the test.

I love MAC products and wanted to get one for my next laptop. They are convenient and easy and so up-to-date!

I have used many different computers and this computer is the clear frontrunner. It is very easy to use and it was no problem switching from PC to MAC. There are so many great features. Flawless!

Once you use a Mac you will never go back to a PC. There is so much to be said about how easy it is to navigate. If you are on the fence go into an Apple store and check it out. It's so nice to go into the store and have someone answer all your questions and let you play with the Mac. If you ever have any questions and want one-on-one help you can get that assistance at the store as well. Impressive. Yup, that sums it up:)

I was a PC only user until we got a Macbook. Now it is mine and I can't live without it! Love it. 5 stars.

My husband just bought me a new MacBook Pro laptop for my birthday. Mine is the 15 inch, though instead of the 13 inch. I LOVE it. I have worked on a Mac at work for 10 years, and rarely use a PC anymore. This was a wonderful gift. It's very lightweight, and the user-friendly operating system. If I have a choice, I will NEVER go back to a PC!

I would really love to test a labtop I love them so much I had on but had to sale it

i would love to try one...i heard they are the best laptops you can get....i would be happy to give you my intake

I would love to try one. and give my intake.

Former window user. My friend told me about Mac years ago. I should have listened to him. All the wasted time and frustration. Mac makes so much more sense. Yes, they cost a little more, but you make up for it in the time. Right out of the box, BAM, its on, it's running. With windows, you're up all night just setting up, downloading drivers. With Mac, I just turned it on, and was on. Plain and simple. Picked up my wireless signal from my old computer...I did nothing. Gorgeous graphics. Snow leopard is awsome. I highly recomend it. I am NEVER EVER going back to microslop.

i got mine for christmas. i only ever had PCs and this is my first one. I love it. The battery life is good, the quality is great, and it wasnt too hard to adjust from PC to Mac.

This is a very popular computer, but doesn't have all the great features as a Hp computer would. Plus Hp computers have tripple the quality and half the price of a Mac.