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  • Larene By  Larene    

    My entire family loves this sauce. Even the finicky kids. Very smooth tasting.

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  • angelgirl2410 By  angelgirl2410    

    Delicious! and it makes a quick weeknight meal!

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  • SMUDD85 By  SMUDD85    

    This sauce is great. Easy meal to just cook up some all wheat rotini and throw in some chicken. Delicious!

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  • mckenna2098 By  mckenna2098    

    i love this sauce. it goes well ontop of chicken and penne..

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  • greenb0ttlecap By  greenb0ttlecap    

    love it, its my brothers favorite as well.

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  • faithfuljoy By  faithfuljoy    

    This of this as more of a sauce, and less of Spaghetti type sauce. This is light and tangy with and different. It can be put on pasta, chicken, beef or fish, with a bit of grated cheese and create a new dish. My children enjoyed it and we all enjoyed a change of flavor. That's what it was, a change. A nice one!!

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  • bensmomma86 By  bensmomma86    

    My sister got me hooked on this sauce. I taker burtoli ravioli and I use this sauce to lightly coat the ravioli and my family ask for this at least 3 times a month.

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  • luddie By  luddie    

    at first I was not too excited about the idea of a vodka sauce but the taste really surprised me.My wife wasfirst to try it and the vodka does add a really interesting flavor to the sauce.It's something different to try other than the regular tomatoe sauce.

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  • jenniferr8240 By  jenniferr8240    

    Tastes Great! I really liked this version of vodka sauce. I will be recommending it.

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  • shellandbrooke By  shellandbrooke    

    Yum! I made a lasagna with this to put a spin on an old favorite. Very good!

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    i was alright with the sauce. i thought it was a little salty, but then that was just my opinon of it.

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  • blueeyes519 By  blueeyes519    

    I love this sauce. I goes great with penne pasta.

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  • thelittleturtle By  thelittleturtle    

    Oooh, I cooked with this at work.... I made a salmon a la vodka. very tasty!

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  • Laura116 By  Laura116    

    It was ok but not quite what expected. But I would buy it again. tangy.

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  • darcypearl By  darcypearl    

    Very good pasta sauce! can be used in multipul recipies, however it does have a aquired tast to it....i happen to love it!

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