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I really enjoyed watching this movie. Avatar is 5 stars! The graphics & computerized movie really wow'd my nieces & nephews.

i didn't really care for this movie. i felt that it dragged on too long and was thankful that i didn't pay to see it.

We liked this movie. It was a little long, however, the kids (even little ones) got into it. It was definitely action packed!!

This movie was fantastic.

I absolutely love.this movie. Seen it on blueray at a friends. The visual and special effects were awesome. The story line and acting was great. A definite add to your collection movie.

This was one of my a lover of nature so it really hit home for me and i always love a good love story! Everyone should see this movie atleast once! Fantastic!

Really great movie. Love the 3d animation

I am not a sci-fi fantasy movie kind of person so when this movie came out I had no interest in going to see it. My husband really wanted to watch it so when it came on demand we ordered it and had a movie night in our living room. BOY WAS I WRONG because this was a really really great movie! I loved every minute of it and I would recommend it to anyone! Its for all ages and has a lot of good lessons in it! One of my favorite movies now

Great movie, my kids and I love it and have watched it several times. It's a good one for the whole family

It's a little bit long, but it has a great story! Definitely one of my favorite movies!

This movie was amazing....especially on blue ray or 3D. The graphics were really something......and the story was interesting. My whole family enjoyed!

I was really surprised. I was 100% against seeing this movie and after enough pushing my exboyfriend conviced me I had to see it because it was soooo good. I was hesitant because I'm not a real big fan of sci fi movies and plus the length of the movie I wasn't totally sold. I was glad that he pushed me to see it. It flew by and I actually enjoyed the how well it was done. Seeing it in 3D was amazing. I'd recommend seeing it at least once before making up your mind about it.

WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY PLEASE HAVE A PART TWO. Gonna see it again at theaters since they put the deleated sceans back in the movie can't wait to own that copy

Great boys loved it. Said they would see it in 3-d or regular. They are wanting to buy it as soon as it came out

I watched this movie in 3-D. It looked good in 3-D, but it was almost exactly like Pocahontas except in another world with blue creatures instead of Native Americans. I also don't like all the pantheism in it and seeing blue butts constantly.