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  • draw90 By  draw90    

    I don't like this because the after taste! It is good enought to eat when you want chocolate but you'll still want the real thing after eatting this.

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  • ConnieB By  ConnieB    

    I liked this product. I have tried two of the flavors and it was really good. The only down side is that it is expensive in my opinion and I can't buy it unless it is on sale or if I have a coupon.

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  • sherryllmac By  sherryllmac    

    I have tried this once and its okay.

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  • nichole2 By  nichole2    

    My family and I thought these were great. The smooth chocolate was very yummy and if you can get kids to try new things your ahead of the game already.

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  • KathyCouponer By  KathyCouponer    

    Origianlly bought this Mousse with a coupon but have been buying this ever since. Right now I have a package of the Jell-O Raspberry Cheesecake and the Double Chocolate Mousse in my refrigerator. They are not a pudding but a thick creamy mousse consistency. When they're on sale or I have a coupon I'll stock up on these. Delish!

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  • songofsongs By  songofsongs    

    These were really good and a big hit with the family! Jello needs to make a bigger selection of flavors to choose from though. I just wish they weren't so pricey or I'd buy than more often.

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  • elainee02 By  elainee02    

    So Delicious!!! I love these plus they're only 60 cal. I'm had Carmel & Chocolate. Both good flavors. They're great if you're trying to lose weight, like I am :D

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  • lesh4537 By  lesh4537    

    Love these...especially when on sale or coupon I stock up and can't keep them in the house!

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    love this low calorie and great taste. also love the airy light texture..would like to see a white chocolate one too..2 varieties is not enough. plus the prize is a little high but still 5 stars

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  • kellieleigh86 By  kellieleigh86    

    I prefer pudding. Did NOT like these at all.

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  • heather37 By  heather37    

    Oh so yummy and good for my tummy...

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  • Gin257 By  Gin257    

    I thought this was good, but tasted too much like pudding rather than mousse.

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  • ACherryinVA By  ACherryinVA    

    I just tried the Chocolate Indulgent flavor. Sooo good. I am not a big fan of pudding, so this a great low-calorie altenative to ice cream for me. I love the texture.

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  • clb0803 By  clb0803    

    This stuff was gross. I got the dark chocolate flavor and it tasted almost bitter. The consistency was a little wiered but that was to be expected with a mousse. I normally love Jello's sugar free pudding but this one just didn't do it for me.

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  • hollyann1010 By  hollyann1010    

    My favorite "healthy snack" it is so yummy!

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