Healthy Choice  Frozen Dinners

Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners

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They have some great meals, they have some not that great meals... The Top Chef Chicken Pesto Pasta is great, as is the Top Chef Chicken Marinara, the Asian Potstickers are great, as are the pumpkin squash ravioli. I would recommend these flavors, but I don't venture into most of the others.

I like to get these for lunch. They are easy and fill me up. However i feel that the chicken tastes funny. Only this brand too. I usally eat around it.

I have tried several flavors of this brand, and i have to say i have not liked one. The portion is ok, but i still feel very hungry after about 30 min. I stopped bying them after one flavor made me gag from the smell and it just so happens the seasame chicken was the flavor that made me gag.

Good prices, good variety, and they taste pretty good too.

The best "diet" frozen dinners in my opinion. I cant have a lot of sodium and these have as small amount as a frozen dinner can get by with. The new steam bag style is to die for! I got my son & daughter in law hooked on them also. I went to watch my grand babies, and laughed when I opened their freezer and all you could see is stacks & stacks of these dinners. I Highy recommend.

I like their varieties but i hate that they upset my stomach. I would love to eat them for lunch but i can't as often as i'd wish.

I am not a fan of frozen dinners, but these are actually pretty good. I don't quite understand the need for almost everything to include red peppers, but I just eat around them. These are MUCH better if cooking in the oven. Sacrificing a few minutes in lieu of better flavor is an obvious choice to me.

Love em. They have many varieties that I think taste great. Love the lobster and cheese ravioli. The turkey meal is also great. My step dad has been taking these as lunch to work for YEARS! Swears by em.

These dinners are a bit flavorless - not bad, but not my favorite.

Love these... my only con is that depending on the particular meal, sometimes you get very little food in the package... so yeah, it's "healthy" because it's only a cup of food!

I have tried several of these meals. The beef tips are by far my favorite. Very good, low cal meal at a decent price.

I have tried many varieties and I loved them all! A good choice!

These are excellent and low calorie too! We especially like the "Chicken Pesto Classico".

I have tried the healthy choice frozen dinners and I really like them over all the frozen dinners that I have tried. I like the fish and country chicken dinner the best the flavor is wonderful and the dessert has a wonderful flavor that is tasty. Over all the product is great on taste and I like that is compares to the weight watchers points.

I tried the healthy choice frozen dinner and I really liked it. It only had 330 calories. I got the beef Lo Mein and I was greatly surprised because I did not think that it would have much flavor. I donā?'t particularly buy frozen dinners but I had an incentive coupon of great value and I gave it a try. And I was really pleased. The beef was chunky the sauce was rich with ginger and other spices and the dessert was sweet and tasty. There was only a small concern and that was that the noodles got a little softer than I would like them to be. So, over all the product is great on taste and great on health.