Mereadesso Woman Skin Care

Mereadesso Woman Skin Care

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Very happy with this product. My skin looks good and I have not had an issue with dry skin since I started using it daily two weeks ago. I love the consistency of the gel. I hesitate to put thick products on my skin and this one goes on effortlessly. Thanks Cravebox, another winner from Mereadesso!

When I saw that this month's Cravebox had another Mereadesso product I was disappointed since I really disliked the smell of the body balm. I decided to give the product a try anyway. The smell was so much better. It has a botanical smell to it. I think it could be improved a little but isn't bad at all. I have only been using the product once a day and I think it has made my face smoother. I know that I would not pay that much for any facial product especially when I am quite happy with the products I use now that cost a lot less than this product.

I was a little hesitant about using a face and neck tonor, but after 2 days I'm loving this 'gel' (not the best name for it thought.) My makeup goes on smoother, and the redness has all but disappated. I like that you can wear this under moisterizer. The packaging is a little decieving, as it looks white in the bottle, but comes out green. The scent is very natural, and doesn't overpower. A bit expensive, so I'm not sure if I would buy it again, but I would recommend it to others.

Loved this cream. Was thrilled that I was getting a companion for the cream received last month. Smells fantastic...reminds me of a kids lip gloss I had when I was little. The pump takes some getting used to with the consistency of the gel it squirted past my hand.

Love this - I was about to buy one in Sephora and instead it came to me in the CraveBox! I use it under moisturizer and it is especially good during Winter in NYC.

Well I have been using mine every day and I love the way it works. I like that it's not greasy. Yes, my skin has started to exfoliate which is good. My pores appear to be smaller and foundation goes on very smoothly. I don't know why anyone would have a problem with the consistency given that you use very little (it's not a face cream) I actually don't mind the scent, however I think it can easily be improved. The biggest negative for me is the color. I happen to consult on color and and I know that perception is largely impacted by the visual. If this product were a light shade of pink or even white, there would probably not be as great of an issue with smell. Unfortunately, the products color is an "off" yellow which is neither flattering or appealing for a cosmetic product. Price? well it is expensive but may be worth it if it was modified.

I wasn't a fan of the Mereadesso Lotion we received last month so I was unsure about the Toning Gel we received from the same company this month. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Though I have only used it once so far, I did like the smell (unlike the lotion) and my face felt wonderful after applying it. I've never used a Toning Gel before so I think that's why I haven't used it more so far, but I put it next to my sink to remind me to start using it. I didn't get the green stuff some people mentioned, so maybe theirs was bad or maybe needs to be shaken up. Mine was more of an off-white to very light grayish in color. It wasn't really a gel though. It was more of a thicker lotion consistency.

I love the way my face feels after I use this product. It says to use twice a day, but I only use it in the morning after my shower and my skin stays soft all day. I know for the price, I wouldn't be able to buy it, as it is out of my price range, but loved getting it in this months Cravebox. The smell is not a turnoff, as it has many natural items in it and it doesn't clog my pores as some other face products have.

I haven't tried this product yet, but it's the one I'm most excited about. It's new to me, full-size, and from what I hear comes at a premium price. I don't really base my skin care products on smell, but rather how well they work and do what they're supposed to.

Love the Mereadesso Woman skin Care. I goes along with the body balm we recieved last month. Works and smell very good. Thanks.

I'm only giving this product 3 starts because I've only been using it a few days so I can't give a full review. I used 2-3 pumps on my fingertips to smooth on my face. I too was a bit startled over the color and consistency of the 'gel'. It is not 'gelled' at all, it's nearly the exact consistency as the hand cream we received in the December Cravebox, VERY THIN. I didn't notice a foul odor like others have attested to and I actually like how soft and smooth it made my skin feel and how nicely my foundation went on afterwards. I honestly don't know if I'd pay $120 for this product but I'm happy to have gotten the opportunity to try it and will continue to use it in hopes of seeing a difference in my overall complexion.

Because I haven't used this product very long I gave it a 2 star review for the days I have used it so far. The first thing I want to comment on is the scent of the product. Its a scent I do not like, it smells like medicine and also has a stale scent to it. The bottle and packaging makes this face and neck toning gel look expensive, but the scent does not. Another thing when I first pumped it this green liquidy stuff came out of the bottle, i guess I wasn't prepared for that. It looks kinda disgusting. On the other hand, the product did my skin feeling soft after I applied it. I'm going ot continue to use it to see how it works.

I can't say whether it works or not because I have only used it for a few days, but ...... I am like many others the smell is almost like it is old or something. Some have said that they like the smell, it makes me wonder if some of us did get an old or bad batch. When I first squirted it out it was runny and green, I thought maybe it needed to be primed, but it is still runny and green, not at all a gel. I will continue to use it (I guess) for the price of it, I am hoping that it will do something. The scent does go away after it soaks in, which isn't long. I also was happy to see us getting something for the face, just wish it was something else.

the scent of this product is a turnoff, and I do not like the consistency especially for a face product, I am however enjoying the feel of the skin on my feet as I have been using it nightly , then donning socks before going to bed

I love how this makes my skin feel and look under make up. Really preps the skin before make up application and I love that I don't need a moisturizer and a toner and an eye cream. Very easy. However, not sure if I'd buy again because of the cost.