Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream

Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream

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Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream is a great alternative to full-calorie ice cream! I love the creaminess and extra smooth taste of the Slow Churned Ice Cream, and I also love how they've created a lot of their original great flavors in the Slow Churned Style! Great ice cream!

love the slow churned butter pecan

I just commented on breyers ice cream saying how I like edy's so much better.

I absolutely love the Edy's Slow Churned Yogurt Blends. Even if it weren't for the lower calories and fat content, I'd choose their chocolate brownie yogurt blend over any ice cream in the store.

The flavor in this ice cream is awesome, It is an amesome way for someone trying to stick to new years goals cheat just a little lol. It is a product I will continue to purchase and it helps that it is on sale often.

This is the best ice cream. I love the cookies and cream and my husband loves the carmel delight. I've converted my husband from blue bell and he won't eat anything else. Love that it's low calorie and super yummy! I've been buying this for a while and won't stop, coupons would be nice though!

great ice cream flavors

Excellent! They just had these Buy One Get One Free at our local grocery store, and they were delicious.

i had cookies and cream and i like that there are alot real cookie pieces in there.. what i dont like is the ice cream itself its to thick and not tasty to me..plus i do not like the fact that there is no plastic seal in anyway..basically the package is open and everyone that would wanna mess with it could do so..not secure enough for me i wont buy it again.

Seriously, how do they make this taste SO good and still be less fat and calories?!?! I LOVE this stuff. Can't tell it's light at all. In fact, the chocolate chip cookie dough is my fav flavor of all types of ice cream... yum...

YUM is all I can say about this! I love the chocolate chip cookie dough version. If you didn't tell someone, they would never know that this was a lower fat ice cream. I just hope they keep making more flavors.

Everyone in my family loves ice cream, including myself. Even though I love regular ice cream, as soon as I saw the Slow Churned version of Edy's for 1/3 less calories and 1/2 the fat, I had to try it. It doesn't taste any different than regular ice cream and I feel that I can indulge in ice cream without blowing my diet. It's nice and creamy, has lots of "chunks" and there are many great flavors offered in the Slow Churned variety.