Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea

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Yogi tea is exceptional. I enjoy this tea very much and would highly recommend it.

I have this in the flavour to help stomach aches, and I truly believe it works. Tastes good, too.

I love Yogi Teas. They have such a great selection for just about anything. My favorite is their Bedtime tea. Perfect for relaxation. I love the positive messeages you get on the tea tags. They are too cute!

I always drink the blueberry appetite suppressant tea and I feel like it works. It might be some sort of placebo effect but it tastes amazing and it gets the job done. I drink it before bed or when I'm feeling like my chocolate cravings are too strong.

One of my favorite brands of teas, I enjoy drinking these both hot or in a pitcher of sun tea, I enjoy a bolder tea, so these work great for me

I love these. The stomach works wonders for nausea and upset stomach. The breathing tea is amazing and really opens up my airways when i have asthma flares or am struggling with a cold that triggers my asthma. I carry just in case on vacations and have them in my office desk because they work really well to relax my lungs and help me breathe.

Yogi teas are soooo amazing! They literally have a tea for everything. My fave is the blueberry slim as well as the moon cycle tea....ladies, it's great for when you have cramps. It seriously works. They may be a little pricier than your standard Celestial Seasoning brand, but this tea brand is totally worth it!

Love Yogi teas. I'm a big tea drinker. My desk drawer is filled with different flavors for the mood I may be in. The girls at the office know that if they want a cup of tea just come see me. Love it.

Okay. Some people have a spice cabinet, I have a tea cabinet...or cabinets. I had to buy a whole separate standing shelf just for tea, and Yogi fills about 25% of it alone, making up over half of my tea bag varieties. They have a tea for just about any ailment, mood, or craving you can think of, and the combinations of teas, herbs and fruits are pretty unique. The price is unbelieveably reasonable and this brand is seems to be widely available, leaving ample opportunity to constantly try new varieties and feel no regret if one isn't quite to my liking. The flavors are true to their word and definitely have the potential to provide relief from any physical or mental woes. This brand is usually my initial pick when choosing bags over loose-leaf, and I can really feel and taste the difference in the effects of Yogi even over some of the more exotic higher end lines I have come across. So whether you are new to tea or an avid drinker, Yogi is a great to start with or to fall back on.

reallly really really delicious! awesome spicy flavor

Teas in teabags usually are not very tasty. This one though is amazingly good?I especially like the Detox and the Kava Stress Relieve. The encouraging messages are also really cute.

I love all of Yogi tea, but they have this special tea for tummies and it helps my acid reflux so much.

LOVE their entire line of teas...plus the cute little sayings on the tags.

Yogi tea is very robust and full of flavor. I love to mix the ginger tea w/ a lighter, fruitier tea.

i love yogi tea and yes i mean love. using this tea is an experience that leaves you feeling good inside and out. with it's wisdom quote on the tea bag tag to it's good tasting tea .. always providing your body with the medicine or nutrition the product describes. my favorite is detox, no sugar needed. yum!