e.l.f. Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

e.l.f. Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

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Not enough color or something.

Great eyeliner for the price! I use this everyday and have it in multiple colors! I love this eyeliner so much. I would rather pay $1 for this than $15 for sephora eyeliners anyday! Great buy!

I like this eyeliner, its very affordable. It has a felt tip applicator which I love. There are several different colors you can choose from I have the black and plum. The eyeliner is definitely waterproof and easy to apply. Bad side it does kind of dry out rather fast. I try to store upright which helps alittle with that. Good buy for a buck so your no out a ton of cash.

Just bought this in a hunter green and LOVE it...lasts a long time. And the price is amazing

Best eyeliner I have ever used and it is only $1, it goes on smooth and stays put. Plus it comes in a variety of fun colors. This is a staple in my makeup routine.

I do like this eyeliner pen but it is not waterproof. It does work well and it is inexpensive but it dries out too easily even when being stored upside down so the ink goes to the tip. It is an ok pen for the price but I've used better.

i hate the way it applies and the tip losses its point after a few uses.

The price is great. I use this all the time. I will admit that it does tend to dry faster than other liner pens but what do you expect for a dollar. I like the precision i get with the felt tip pen, so i keep it to apply my gel liner when it dries out.

Even tho this was only a buck, I should of used it to buy a candy bar :/ I bought this ELF eyeliner pen at Target and I thought it was a good buy because I had used the NYX super thin eyeliner and it was $10. When I went to use it for the first time it was completely dried up! I had to flip it upside down thinking it might help but when that didn't work I opened it up and add a little water to get it moist enough to work. That was a total waist. Some ELF products work great and are perfect dupes but then some are just not and You're better off paying a little extra for higher quality.

I used to love this product. When I first started orderingthem, they were perfect. Like a felt tip liner for your eyes, easy to control and the liner lasted all day long. It was perfection and so affordable. Then E.L.F. had to mess with perfection. My last 2 orders, I too got some that were dried out completely but the worst thing is they changed the tip. They made it finer which means it is harder to control and harder to apply. I emailed their customer service and got a generic response back and nothing else. I am so disappointed. I know it only costs $1 but why did they have to mess with perfection?

I've only bought one of these so far but I do not like the one that I got. Maybe it was just mine but mine came dried up and barely anything showed up when I tried using it. I will not repurchase it but it is cheap. I'll also recommend it because, again, it could just be my specific item.

I love this eyeliner! It stays on for all day and is easy to apply. The tip wears out a bit though so after a couple weeks the application isn't as precise, but still a great product!

The formula is actually pretty good; however, depending on the batch you get, you may be disappointed. For instance, the first time I purchased this, it was all dried up. But, I decided to try it again and the formula was great. Definitely stays all day. Unfortunately, the tip isn't as precise as others (such as the Jordana one which is really good as well just not waterproof). I'd definitely recommend others to try this but it may take you a few times before you find a good one. The bright side, it's only a dollar.

I love this so much I've purchased them for my 2 daughters, and sister.

love this eyeliner pen its easy to use . its inexpensive . the only thing its dries out fast though .