Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

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Sensodyne Toothpaste Love this Toothpaste!! Makes my teeth feel clean and my mouth feel minty!!

Best tooth paste! great for sensitive gum and it also taste amazing. Everyone in my family uses this product.

Good toothpaste! Does it's job! Seems like there is not really much toothpaste inside.

Best toothpaste to use in general let alone if you have tooth sensitivity. I love to use this to prevent. I drink a lot of coffee and tea. My teeth have always been sensitive. Some times they bother me, sometimes not. Staying ahead of the game is key. The flavor is good. A bit pricey at times when you are on a budget but it will last a long time. Worth the money.

I haven't tried. This product yet. Although it looks very promising.

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste is an amazing product and tastes great too!

I love Sensodyne. I was hard on my teeth as a kid like most. Now they are sensitiv to sweets and cold. Sensodyne dose work.

I think this is a great product, the only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because it builds up on the nozzle, kind of like how shaving cream does. But other than that I love it.

This is amazing toothpaste for sensitive teeth, this would have to be the only product I would use, the only product that does what it says.

This is the go tooth paste when my teeth a a little more sensitive .the flavor is wonderful it cleans and protect your teeth really good and wait trip you see all the foam amazing. Love it

I loved this product! It made it so that my teeth weren't sensitive to any foods, which is incredible. I had the whitening one, and it did a fairly decent job of whitening my teeth, though I would still recommend going the extra step and getting the whitening strips. The whitening process took a lot longer than most of the other brands, though I can't complain much because the whitening didn't hurt my teeth like the other brands. Easy to use, and lasts for quite a while. This is my favorite toothpaste, and I will buy this again!

Great tooth paste, but I do not recommend the metal dispenser. Iv'e had problems with the pump in the past!

Not only tastes great, but works wonders!

Not only does this toothpaste help with my sensitivity , but...since using the iso-active foam, I have never had such good check ups at the dentist!

After randomly getting a free sample of Sensodyne at a festival, I was hooked!