Ore-Ida  Steam n' Mash Potatoes

Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash Potatoes

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This is an on the go go-to. Even though its pre-prated the potatoes still taste as if they were hand cut and boiled.

If you are in a rush and do not have time to make mashed potatoes from scratch this is a better alternative then instant boxed. I added salted butter.

This is a good substitute for fresh mashed potatoes if you are short on time but not necessarily the tastiest option out there.

Maybe I am a potato snob, but i would rather nuke a real potato than have this.

I love how easy these are to use when I'm in a pinch or just not feeling up to peeling potatoes! Easy to use and affordable. I also like using these for recipes or to make a quick potato soup.

I thought they were great to cook with. I was able to put mashed potatoes on the table quickly with the roast beef without all the peeling etc... Saved me time.

I've got a recipe that calls for these potatoes to make a really delicious soup.

Potatoes, the 5th food group for me! Yup, I love potatoes more than chocolate. Mashed potatoes are one of my favorite ways to enjoy this spud. But, who has the time to make them from scratch? Not me! Then, I found these Ore Ida frozen mashed. So easy to make. And, once I jazz them up, they are homemade.... Thank you Ore Ida!

During the week i typically use instant boxed potatos. These are a much better product. They take a bit more time, but are just as easy to prepare. Not quite as good as the real fresh potatoes, but are a very good substitute when you are short on time.

Mqkes supper so much easier and tastes great

No matter what I put in these, they always had that "frozen" aftertaste to them and a very thick consistency that was unusual.

Not the best product I've ever tasted

I don't understand the point in buying frozen potatoes, cooking and mashing them. That seems like an expensive waste of time. Grab a potato and start from there. Much cheaper and you're doing the exact same thing.

I prefer to make mash potatoes from scratch but these are great when you don't have time. They are pretty tasty.

We just could not eat these. I would rather make homeade with all the mashing you have to do or the complete opposite and use boxed potatoes. They were very starchy and just unnatural tasting.