Target up & up Diapers

Target up & up Diapers

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Targets brand diapers work fine. They are much like a huggies diapers though. They weren't able to keep the baby dry all night. He would wake up with his Jammie's wet. I hate knowing he was wet and cold all night long. They're prices a good and if you use them durning the day they're just fine

Was able to use this after the first year. Most other diapers gave them a rash but not target brand. Bonus is the low cost!

These diapers are cute and they get the job done

I didn't like these at all. They made my child break out in a rash and they felt like cardboard.

These diapers are good. I wouldn't say the best but they get the job done pretty well. We have had some leaks but mostly at night. My son has worn them from about 3 months to 5 months. We then switched to the SAMs club brand.

I sometimes buy these for my youngest grandson and they seem to hold up pretty well compared to the common brand name that I usually buy that starts with letter H.

these work just as good, if not better then the name brand diaper and are so much cheaper!

I was very surprise that these diapers were so great. I bought them because I have a hard time paying so much for diapers and a I had a coupon for 5% off. They seem to work well and we haven't had any troubles with leaks. They do not soak up moisture as well as some leading brands, but that is only if you don't change their diaper for a long time! Great deal for the price!

I purchase these brand of diapers for my son and they work better than any other brand of diaper I have used on him. They are very absorbant and stretchy

best priced diapers for great quality and the best part is its wonderful for those sensitive little bums. No crazy additives which is great. Target always has great deals and coupons as , not to mention how cute they are.

no leaks always buy good price would recommend

Great diaper, great price! These have never failed my two boys!

Super cute design and even better price! Amazing quality! I used them on my daughter and never had any leaks!

I love the Target brand diapers. I first tried them because I had friends who used them on their kids and like most Mom's, I'm always looking for ways to save a buck! They were on sale pretty much anytime I needed to pick up a box. I had some trouble with leaking at night (when my child was sleeping through), but zero issues during the day. What I ended up doing was using the Target brand diapers throughout the day and Pampers at bedtime...found the Pampers were more absorbent during 8+ hours of sleep.

We use these diapers. They are just OK. I have an 18 month old daughter and 7 month old son and both are currently using these diapers. They are by far not my favorite. We have not experienced any leaks in the past two months that we have been using them; however, they do not wick moisture away from their skin. Not too big of a deal for us because they are changed as soon as they wet and I also use rash ointment at every change. Also, my daughter is preparing for potty training so her gaining an understanding of when she is wet is a positive thing. On a side note, diapers should be changed as soon as they become soiled due to hygiene. We use these diapers at day care and at home during the day only. At night and when we are out and can not do an immediate diaper change, we use Pampers Cruisers. They are excellent at pulling moisture from babies skin. Overall these diapers are ok. If you change your children frequently as we do they are a good, cheap alternative to Pampers or Huggies but they do not wick moisture. The fit is good and they do not leak.