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  • lucas567 By  lucas567    

    I love thomas english muffins they are the best

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  • spesialk By  spesialk    

    I have never seen these before but hopefully will see them this year - look very good. I dont buy english muffins very often due to trying to cut down on bread products but these look worth it !

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  • GardenGoddess By  GardenGoddess    

    Honestly, I've never seen this in my grocery store, and I buy Thomas' English Muffins (multi-grain) every week.

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  • csherman By  csherman    

    THESE ARE THE BEST. I look forward to them every year!!!

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  • karene10 By  karene10    

    Haven't been able to get these in awhile~miss them!

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  • angelgirl2410 By  angelgirl2410    

    They are so yummy and festive! Great for breakfast on the run too.

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  • Laura116 By  Laura116    

    wow these sound good, going to try!

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  • pjclayton57 By  pjclayton57    

    They are on the Thomas' website - just click on english muffins and then on "flavors" and they are listed there! Hope you find them there! It also gives you a zip code locator to help you find them in your area.

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