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  • mercedes14 By  mercedes14    

    love this stuff works great on my hair and i'm mixed black and white.

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  • BamaGirl71 By  BamaGirl71    

    I have hair that is extremely frizzy and unmanageable so I thought I would give this product a go. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. My hair is silky smooth and straight. This product is a must have for those with frizzy hair.

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  • Disneygirl26 By  Disneygirl26    

    I love this product. It leave hair smooth, no frizz and it smells great! Leaves hair looking great for hours

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  • Brightlady By  Brightlady    

    I have used this product and would recommend it to everyone. My hair is natural curly and it makes my hair so soft. And doesn't leave it frizzy .

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  • baismom By  baismom    

    I swear by this product. I have fine hair that I can make curly or straight but if I just let it air try this is the only product that gives me soft waves with no frizz.

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  • iridiana_xoxo By  iridiana_xoxo    

    i dont really like it. it leaves my hair very oily so i dont really recommend this

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  • pulmprincess By  pulmprincess    

    I have very thick, long, and color treated hair. I did not have any "WOW" moments with this product. I can usually go a week in between washes but using this I had to wash after day 3 because my hair was very tacky and gross.

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  • lynnxx77 By  lynnxx77    

    I love the scent of this and I have noticed my hair dries faster with a blow dryer too! Not oily just shiny and sleek

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  • taphil01 By  taphil01    

    I absolutely adore this product! I have thick wavy frizz prone hair and this product is a life saver! I've noticed it speeds up my air drying time tremendously. I don't like blow drying my hair much. It does provide a nice gloss shine. It isn't sticky. But, a little does go a long way! This is great for straightening hair as well. Just as long as you use a heat protecting spray before hand. The smell of this product isn't overbearing.

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  • momsgonecrazy By  momsgonecrazy    

    This product makes my hair super oily, and does NOT reduce my frizz very much.

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  • jenuits By  jenuits    

    I think this is is for people with more of a medium texture to hair. Mine is more coarse and so it never seems to quite do more than add a nice shine. Otherwise, the scent is nice, I just wish the texture were a little thicker.

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    left my hair heavy and greasy feeling didn't like it

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  • Tzapper By  Tzapper    

    Perfect for dry and curly hair that I have! My hair dries out very fast and this Anti Frizz Serum works. But I would say that the product can become greasy during the day if you do not wash it out after a day.

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  • cherryplum22 By  cherryplum22    

    I bought this a year ago. I agree with some of the other posts, in that, if you use too much you'll end up super greasy. Great value, last forever and smells great.

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  • boomonk15 By  boomonk15    

    I bought this to help with my unruly hair but It was just too greasy and heavy for my hair!!!

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