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  • lovingmomof5 By  lovingmomof5    

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Snow White

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  • krisathome By  krisathome    

    I am so excited to be able to watch this again with my grandchildren. We purchased most of the Disney movies when my children were little on VHS. I hope our VHS player still works so we can enjoy this movie with him.

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  • shelly3282 By  shelly3282    

    A great Disney classic. I ALWAYS cry when the dwarfs are mean to her.

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  • FrannieCakes By  FrannieCakes    

    Who doesn't LOVE Disney? Every time I see this movie, I take a step back into childhood! For it's time, the animation is beautifully done with vibrant colors to capture any child's imagination. The story is wonderful and the characters are just truly adorable! And now that I have a child of my own, we share in the magic of Disney together.

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  • craftymama3 By  craftymama3    

    This movie is too cute! It's one of my favorite Disney Classics, and it's the perfect movie for any little girl. The story sends a great message, and the dwarfs and singing animals add to the fun!

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  • kristennh By  kristennh    

    the Disney classics are the best. you can't go wrong with watching this movie. its jst so good

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  • sparklerawker By  sparklerawker    

    a wonderful classic childhood movie

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  • loriejackson24 By  loriejackson24    

    My daughter loves snow white and the seven dwarfs :-)

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  • diggit02 By  diggit02    

    Classic , My mother watched with my grandmother when she a child then watched with me and now we watch with my little ones .

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  • kaysha86 By  kaysha86    

    Me and my daughter love to sit and watch this while daddy is at work.... Disney movies will NEVER get old in our family

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  • andrearachel89 By  andrearachel89    

    Love this movie! I remember watching it when i was young and now my daughter and i get to watch it together!!

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  • Bianca0201 By  Bianca0201    

    It's a classic! Everyone loves Disney Princesses and their stories. Upgrade your VHS movie to a DVD and enjoy the magic of Disney!

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  • Shonna1782 By  Shonna1782    

    The one Disney classic I don't own, but would love to have. I have fond memories of watching this as a child and hope to pass those memories on to my children someday.

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  • akumm001 By  akumm001    

    It's a Disney Classic...enough said.

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  • JustinaMarie By  JustinaMarie    

    Great childhood movie

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