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  • ajw590 By  ajw590    

    They are good books that tend to draw me in, and not want to put them down until I have read the entire book.

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  • Justiceflea By  Justiceflea    

    I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! I can't wait for the next one to come out. I was hooked from the very beginning. If you love vampire books this is a must read.

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  • megmar By  megmar    

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlaine Harris!! Something about the way she writes just draws you into the story. Easy read and excellent plots! Can't wait for the next one to come out!

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  • bratz54 By  bratz54    

    Love it , and the HBO Series. No matter how many times I read it, the story never gets dull. Cant wait till I can but Dead Reckoning and them Dead Locked later this year.

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  • alessandrawerneck By  alessandrawerneck    

    1st few books are great the last couple not so much! Hope next book is better!

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  • PatoNguyen By  PatoNguyen    

    I love this series. It is funny, smutty (in a good way), sad & entertaining. I love the HBO True Blood series. Some things fo along with the book, some don't but I like that. I like Sookie in the books better though.

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    This whole series is amazing, read one and you are completely hooked.. I watch the show too, and it its different from the books which is good and bad in ways... :) however I LOVE the books!

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  • cstarr1969 By  cstarr1969    

    The True Blood series is one of my favorites! My favorite recurring guest character is Bubba!

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  • astarblazing By  astarblazing    

    All the books in this collection are great! Its not just about some vampire romance, it has much more. Plus they are very funny as well.

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  • richlady By  richlady    

    I have read and like all Charlaine Harris' books including these. She has a wonderful imagination and it comes across in this series.

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  • jnl0812 By  jnl0812    

    An absolute read for anyone who loves vampire books. I got interested in the series from watching the series True Blood, but I can honestly say that books are much better.

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  • MrsRobM By  MrsRobM    

    I love this series. Its the first series I have found myself addicted to since I was a teenager! I have all her books so far and continue to read them over & over. Once I start them I am lost in my own little world till I finish the last one!

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  • veehammond By  veehammond    

    I love this book series and agree that the series jst isn't the same - far too serious! When I was finished the books I actually missed the characters. I then borrowed them to a freind who loved them as much as I did. Can't recommend Sookie and the "people" of Bon Temps enough.

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  • JmeJ06 By  JmeJ06    

    ABSOLUTELY a must read for anyone that has any interest in the supernatural or romance fiction. I couldn't put these books down and when I was done, I started all over...5 times. One of the best gifts I was ever given and I'll keep adding to the collection as long as Charlaine keeps writing.

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  • bubblegumpop By  bubblegumpop    

    This series without a doubt is one of my favorite's .I couldn't put any of these books down . Charlaine's writing ability's are exceptional. You will Fall in love with , or Love to hate each and every one of the charactors she has created with her Brilliant imagination. The T.V. series is great but The Books are Phenominal !!!

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