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  • ajenkins By  ajenkins    

    My little one loved this, but I don't think she was learning anything from it. I would not buy it for a friend

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  • MotherofGirls By  MotherofGirls    

    My 11 month old loves this toy and its very nice to put in the car for car riders to keep her busy in the back seat.

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  • ampjorgensen By  ampjorgensen    

    My 1 year old and 3 year old love this. The only downfall is they constantly fight over it!

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  • Mijeka By  Mijeka    

    This is a fun toy, but my babe tires of it easily :(

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  • chevy7998 By  chevy7998    

    my sons loves his. He only 2 one of his favorite things to play with.

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    My son has one...in primary colors not pinks and purples. It's okay, but the only thing he does with it is pounds on the keys to hear noise. It really doesn't keep his attention for very long.

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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    I like this for my daughter because she can learn while she plays.

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