LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning Game System

LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning Game System

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my daughter loves it .. only thing i would change is to put more color pages in it instead of 4

My kids had the first leapster... I loved it and so did they.. I personally love anything made by leapfrog... All their toys are educational...

I recommend this toy for any parent that is looking for an educational toy for their child/ren. The games are adequate the age range presented on the box and the handheld console is great for little hands. My children love this toy.

I bought the Fischer Price IXL first and hated it returned it within a day. Went out and bought this and I love it. Easy to use for my 4 year old and very educational.

I got this for my daughter when she was three, and she loves it even more at four! She originally got one because she wanted to play with her older sister's DS all the time. Once she had her Leapster, she called that her "DS". She started with just one game, plus the one we downloaded from the Internet. Now, she has earned enough credits/rewards to earn some more free games from the Internet. I love the way I can connect to see what she is learning on the Learning Path. It gets a little skewed since her sisters like to help her with the games, but I can still get a good feel for it since her time is limited and I monitor most of it. I watch for the games to go on sale, so that helps with the expense. I can see her using this for a long time which overall makes it an excellent investment.

I bought one for my daughter when she was 2 - she used it regularly until she was 8 and got a Nintendo DS. However she still plays with her Leapster pretty often. I love how educational the games are, and how it was able to grow with her over such a long period of time. And the same one has lasted her forever! It can be passed down to my newest daughter in a year or two.

My now 3-year old got this for her birthday because her big sister has a DS and always wants to play. She loves it and so do we. The fact that she is learning by playing through characters she knows is so rewarding. We've gotten a game or two handed down which is great for our wallets. The only things we do seem to find is the pen doesn't always work and the older games seem to get hung up every once in a while. Other than that, it's fantastic!

I love this toy. I bought one for my daughter when she was 2 and my nephew when he was 4. They love this system. There are lots of different games to choose from so your child never gets bored. The games are educational so they actually learn while playing FABULOUS my daughter is now 3 and she knows how to write all her letters and spell her name. She recognizes all her shapes, letters, and numbers. My nephew is now five knows everything above but is also doing addition and subtraction. I know sometimes these games are not recommended but I believe with superviaion these games are so worthwhile. I would so reccomend to someone or purchase one for a gift.

I bought this toy for my oldest a few years ago; he is now 9. I love that it is an educational toy, and I really found it nice that he wanted to play this instead of a gameboy or such. He skipped his second year of schooling, and I definitely think it was due to using this as a reward for learning, as well as enrichment to concepts being taught in school.

I got this for my son 4 years ago, he was 3, and he still plays it. He is on his second one, my cousin passed one down. He went into preschool knowing all his letters and their sounds. He is now in 1st grade and is reading well. I have found games at 5 below and on clearances. I cannot recommend this enough, it is his "gameboy", but with educational games.

My son loves his Leapster. I think its educational. I have found certain leapster games on clearance at meijer, kmart,and target so it hasnt been to expensive. They also have sales on their website.

My 4 year old LOVES his Leapster it kept him occupied for most of our 15 hour trip to Florida.

My daughter loves this game system.