Movie Where the Wild things Are

Movie Where the Wild things Are

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I rented this movie from Netflix. Some of it was boring and definitely strange, but it was still pretty good. The mood of the movie was quite depressing/melancholy, but that is where I found it appealing. My husband on the other hand hated it and found it too depressing.

my friend and i took our five year olds. they absolutely loved it. my son was running around the house howling and growling when he got home. i really liked this movie. ill for sure buy it on dvd

I very much enjoyed the movie. My 11-yr old son would rate it 3 stars. He didn't understand some of the subtlety. Pro: I found the movie very helpful in prompting some great discussions on if parents should bring dates home, the impact of divorce, sibling relationships, loneliness, empathy, healthy/destructive reactions to the ups and downs of life, the unpredictability of other people and how, as much as you want, you cannot control others. The movie was very well made and acted and visually gorgeous. Con: The pacing was a little slow... I think the movie was about 10-15 minutes too long. Overall, I would recommend it, but not for young kids.

The interpretation of the story was different from mine in many ways, but it didn't bother me. I thought Spike Jonze's interpretation was very interesting. and I thought the little boy was as cute as a button. I can't speak for the kids, but my husband and I discussed the movie for a long time after.

I think I will save my money:)

The movie started out kinda slow. It was cute for the most part. Theres a very good lesson towards the end. I don't think it will catch the attention of little kids. I took my 7 year old brother and he was kinda in to it but not so much. I was just kinda amazed that they could make and hour and a half movie about a 5 minute book. But I must say the soundtrack was AMAZING!