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  • joice911 By  joice911    

    funny movie

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  • 123raven1 By  123raven1    

    i love the show. it's so funny. i have not miss an episode. this is the one and only show my man would watch with me

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  • cielos525 By  cielos525    

    I love the show esp Mitch and Cam. However, I also think that most of the problems/interactions in the sitcom are upper middle class which sometimes I cant relate to.

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  • chiefsgirl By  chiefsgirl    

    It is hard to follow and does not make sense. This is not funny at all

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  • Jennajoyce By  Jennajoyce    

    Show is hilarious.

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  • tigermama By  tigermama    

    Love this show. Very relatable and funny. I like all the cast and characters on this show.

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  • vuhnessuh By  vuhnessuh    

    Definitely worth your time! Modern Family is filled with so much humor and is close to becoming one of those timeless half hour shows that you won't ever get sick of. Super funny and the chemistry between the actors is amazing. Writers are witty...Modern Family is a must see! One of my favorite shows.

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  • Sunday02p By  Sunday02p    

    Always makes me laugh. I love a dysfunctional family!

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  • buteeful By  buteeful    

    I do not understand why this show is loved. I understand that they a few beautiful women in the show, but it is not enough to carry it. All of them are dysfunctional and ridiculous. I shake my head when it comes on and think really what is the point.

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  • drewzmom By  drewzmom    

    One of the funniest shows ever...clever humor

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  • cdgregory2009 By  cdgregory2009    

    Best comedy on TV. Where do they come up with these story lines? One after another they are great. They have some of the best casting and chemistry I have ever seen, despite rumors of off-camera dislikes.

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  • lovingmomof5 By  lovingmomof5    

    One of my favorite shows on TV.

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  • krisathome By  krisathome    

    This sticom is great. I love the mix of dynamics in the family. The cast plays off one another well.

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  • ebaugher09 By  ebaugher09    

    One of the best family tv shows out right now. Very funny with a great and relatable cast.

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  • theaterfan23 By  theaterfan23    

    One of my favorite shows on television! I have watched this show since the very beginning and I even watch the reruns during the summer! I love the family dynamics and that it shows different types of families!

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