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  • kimi76 By  kimi76    

    My go to brand

    Playtex tampons have to be one of my favorite and go to brands when it comes to tampons. They are always very dependable when I have been working out and I truly love the comfort of the applicator. I always feel secure enough to not have to wear a pad in addition to the tampon since I have never had any leaks with this product.

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  • EGammon51 By  EGammon51    

    MY FAV

    I don't know how I ever survived before I used these! While the name "Sport" could deter you, I am as unathletic as they come, but these tampons are so comfortable! All other brands feel uncomfortable going in and coming out, but this is my favorite!

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  • Heatherlovezu By  Heatherlovezu    

    The only tampons I wear. Super easy to insert and no discomfort. Never have leaked out.

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  • ajsterz By  ajsterz    

    These are the only tampons I will buy. I don't buy tampons much anymore, but this is my go to brand! I used them in high school when I played basketball, and never had an issue. The applicator is designed well and the tampon does the job it is supposed to do!

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  • Chanson By  Chanson    

    As a new mom I'm always on the go these are comfortable and have great absorbency.

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  • kschwobe By  kschwobe    

    Love these! I have not given birth and I am young yet, so maybe that is why I have not experienced leaking. I was able to be comfortable while on my period and confident that I wasn't going to leak through my dress clothes.

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  • ling333 By  ling333    

    These are the best, because they are always easy to find in the store and also best for leaks when you are doing yoga and Pilates this helped me out a lot.

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  • fixedcrystal By  fixedcrystal    

    These were all I wore when I was in middle and high school, when I was most active. They offer great coverage.

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  • Ppepper1990 By  Ppepper1990    

    Will only buy in an emergency! Bought them because they were on sale... They leak! Are super uncomfortable to put in! :-( I can't stand wasting stuff so I beared thru what remained but seriously will not buy again unless I have no other option

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  • ThatsSoMimi By  ThatsSoMimi    

    Will allow leakage and stain your undies and are a bit uncomfy to insert, don't buy.

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  • lovelyprincess By  lovelyprincess    


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  • christyhooksguerrero By  christyhooksguerrero    

    I had a few coupons that made the travel size free. I actually ended up loving these tampons. I have had two c sections and my flow is much heavier than it used to be and these really held up. The fit was pretty comfortable as well.

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  • Healthyme By  Healthyme    

    Great for swim team

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  • dreamwings84 By  dreamwings84    

    These are great. Excellent absorption and great comfortable applicator. I especially like the sport light ones. They are great for light days.

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  • kandrews82 By  kandrews82    

    This is another great tampon. I am an active person, and am confident in the absorbency and durability during exercise. The plastic applicator is gentle enough for people, like myself with sensitivities.

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