Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant Antiperspirant

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant Antiperspirant

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Helpful product! My daughter has used this. She sweats excessively, as did I when I was her age. It really helped!

Not my Favorite This product used to work for me but now it does not hold up and it leave a white film on your skin that is hard to get off.

One of the better deodorants that i have found although i have found a cheaper one (also clinical) that i find to work better. Still a great product.

Premium Protection I love Secret Clinical Strength deodorant! It absorbs odors throughout the whole day! I feel confident knowing that it protects 4 times from sweat! Also, it keeps the skin soft which prevents any irritation from shaving!

The best deodorant I've found! Lasts all day and u still smell fresh and clean at the and if the day!

Secret clinical strength deodorant I really enjoyed using this deodorant! It really made me feel fresh and clean all day long. I only felt the price was a little high for deodorant. It had kept me dry. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. I love the scent as well. Thank you.

It was a great product, but then I felt like something changed in the formula. I still would sweat a lot with it!

I only use clinical strength deodorant, but I still sweat somehow.

Very pricey and ineffective. Bummer. Secret was top of the line..come back secret get your mojo back

Very pricey and ineffective. Bummer. Secret was top of the line..come back secret get your mojo back

Clinical strength Secret is the best deodorant I have ever used. I have always worried about odor as I have an extremely stressful job. This is fantastic

Great product diffidently can rely on this product keeping you comfortable under any circumstance.

This deodorant worked a little better than others for the bo/sweat problems I've had, but it's much more expensive than other deodorants and you put it on at night. I had to put it on at night and in the morning to get it to work.

This has been my holy grail deodorant for years! I have tried everything, and none of them work for me except this one!

this product was just ok. Expected something better. Didn't notice ant difference than other deordants