Stonyfield Farm YoBaby Yogurt

Stonyfield Farm YoBaby Yogurt

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Awesome product my granddaughter has been enjoying this product for a long time I have some in the main fridge and the fridge in my room so she is a fan and I am a customer

My son just loves the Stonyfield yogurts. They are healthy with no preservatives and healthy fruit and vegetables in them. It is his favorite snack.

My child absolutely loves this yogurt and is upset when he doesn't have any in the fridge. Good, healthy product.

Prefer over other brands

Yo Baby has been on our shopping list since our baby started eating solids. She loves it. It is organic and comes in various different flavors that all taste good. We have now moved on to Yo Toddler which is just as good.

I have tried this with my lil man and he loved it!!! Great taste!

My son loves eating these. I started giving him this yogurt when he was about a year old, and he has been eating yogurt ever since. This is a great brand, very healthy, very safe to eat. With all of the bad things popping up about GMO foods, hormones in milk, etc., you just can't be too careful with your children's health. These are a bit more expensive than other random kid's yogurts, but much better for them in the long (and short) run.

These are so good for my toddler, especially when she takes antibiotics. She loves these and eats about 3 a day

Best yogurt brand in the market.. My kids love it!!

I love this brand because of how healthy it is well worth the price for a growing baby who needs to eat healthy.

I just recently bought for my 6 mnth old, she loves them although they are a little expensive , its worth it because because its very nutritious and gentle on her tummy. Very pleased.

these are so expensive there is better alternatives

my daughter LOves Yo Baby..and I love the nutritional aspects.

Both my kids love this yougurt .The flavors are great and its all organic. Its the only one which I get for them.

This is a staple in our house. Not only do the kids like it, but it helps keep them regular.