Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

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When I bought this product I went into the store frantically searching for an extremely inexpensive deep conditioner that would do in a pinch. When i got home and used the product i was pleasantly surprised because the product works so well! Now it's the only deep conditioner I use!

This product smells great and makes my hair easy to comb through. I wouldn't say it deeps conditions but it's a great product! :)

I really like this 3 minute deep conditioner! I know you're only supposed to use it about once a week, but I cheat and do it about twice. The only problem I have with it, is the bottle doesn't really have a lid on it. There's nothing to stop it from dripping out of the bottle. It doesn't drip often, but still. That drives me crazy!

I tried this out on a whim because I was desperate for a good conditioning treatment. At the time, my hair was a complete frizz mess. I was using a curling everyday and blowdrying my hair everyday too...really messes with your hair! So, I tried this out and left it in as long as possible in the shower. I noticed my hair was softer and felt sooo much healthier! It's a pretty great treatment, especially for the price!

i love this product, it makes my hair look healthy and shiny. After straightning and blow drying my hair it gets pretty fried, this stuff works wonders on it.

Great product, I have really curly thick hair and it helps to tame it... It is also priced reasonably and occasionally there are coupons out there for it

I've been using this product on my hair for years. It really helps get rid of dryness and frizz. It works great and smells great.

Such a great treatment for thick dry and damaged hair. It left my hair feeling soft and manageable. It also helped with all the fly aways and not to mention it smells wonderful.

This product does a great job for the price! I've used much more expensive products that work only minimally better.

Great product. Love the smell (not overly fruity, etc).

This stuff is great. I got the best results when I used it only once per week. My hair was very soft and manageable. I have used this product for many years. It's not expensive. You will be quite surprised with the results.

Works really well. Leaves your hair really soft.

Being a natural, I did not think this would work on my hair because of my thick curls but I was pleasantly surprised. When they say on the bottle all you need to keep it in for is 3 minutes, they are not lying. My curls melted away in the shower and I loved how this product left my hair soft and manageable with me not doing a single thing to it beforehand. The only thing that I wish is that it could be silicone free but I can't get my way with everything.

I like how it feels and smell on my hair.The only thing that I wish is that it could be silicone free .

Silky Smooth Hair It's a wonderful product. It left my hair feeling silky and incredibly soft. However, I wish there was a different lid or cap to help seal it.