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  • cfreemanfl By  cfreemanfl    

    Combat a cold before it knocks you down!

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  • ezgoingmom By  ezgoingmom    

    Now these I love !. They are not gritty. Powerful taste. We got a box of these when my family was sick with a cold and the flu. I found out that if you mix it with orange juice that it just gives it a little extra kick

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    I know some people may take this on a weekly basis but I generally only stock up once cold and flu season hits. I took them frequently during the winter months and didn't end up with a cold or the flu even when several people around me were sick. The taste is a little chalky but pleasant and the packs are convenient to to toss in your purse, jacket, etc. so you'll always have some when you're on-the-go.

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  • vanessa2014 By  vanessa2014    

    Does taste good, but its good for you.

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  • saharnoori1 By  saharnoori1    

    taitsz fizzy !! like orange soda w/ out the soda

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    This stuff tasted fine and is great if you want a large dose of Vitamin C, but the whole 'immune system' thing didn't work for me. My kids were coming down with a cold and I took a ton of this stuff thinking that I'd be able to avoid the cold, but I had it worse than anyone!!

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  • ChronicallyCrystal By  ChronicallyCrystal    

    Thanks to Smiley360, I received several samples of Emergen-C to try for free. I wasn't super anxious to try them as I expected them to taste really vitamin-y, if you know what I mean (like chewing up a multivitamin, yuck!), BUT boy was I in for a great surprise! I tried Super Orange, Raspberry, Pink Lemonade and Immune+ Citrus. The Pink Lemonade was definitely my favorite flavor, but I enjoyed all of them! Here's the best part of Emergen-C: packed with 1,000mg Vitamin C, 24 nutrients, 7 B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes! All in a convenient little packet. The Immune+ also has 1,000IU Vitamin D which is great because I'm low on Vitamin D... so I'm thinking I'll buy some of that, I need all the extra D I can get! It's so easy to take, too, just stir it into 4-6oz water. I love the fizziness! Emergen-C is definitely a very refreshing boost to your day. The Pink Lemonade is sweetened with monk fruit, fructose and honey. The Immune+ is sweetened with stevia and fructose. The other flavors I received are sweetened with either fructose and/or cane sugar. It's nice to see that there are no artificial food colorings- they use things like raspberry or vegetable juice powder! With natural flavors, colors and sweeteners, and more Vitamin C than 10 oranges (and 20 flavors to choose from!)... I don't see how you can go wrong with these.

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  • lee102707 By  lee102707    

    I had a small bag to keep in my car and my office. It was easy to carry and mix with water when ever you needed it.

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  • DJW413 By  DJW413    

    Love Emergen-C products!!

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Love, love, love Emercen-C. I use it when I feel allergies or a cold coming on. I also love drinking a small glass for a boost of energy. Great tasting, fizzy orange drink that's good for me? Love it!

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  • Racher4 By  Racher4    

    this is my go to when i start to feel worn down.

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  • suzannemaia By  suzannemaia    

    While the effervescent isn't for everyone, pouring this in cold water is a great way to boost your levels of Vitamin C whenever you're feeling the beginning of a cold. I've also found that, while it's not a cure for colds, it definitely helps me get better faster.

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  • safsybay By  safsybay    

    Ive recently tried this and it wasnt too bad. I have zero energy most days and thougth I would give it a shot. I wasnt crazy about the taste but it did give me a little pep.

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  • ccabino By  ccabino    

    I love having these around the house. My family and I love the flavors.

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  • idevasir By  idevasir    

    I take this, so that I never get colds. It works great.

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