Target Up Baby Wipes

Target Up Baby Wipes

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Target products are amazing. They are usually comparable to pampers or huggies brand. I use these wipes all of the time. I recommend them to everyone.

I love these wipes just as good as more expensive brands and cheaper.Who cant use the extra money for something else right?

I have never purchased name brand wipes. I use the unscented ones. They all work well as refills in the wipe containers that have a pop up dispenser. You can't beat the price!

Great wipes. I really love the packs with the lids as well, great for the diaper bag. The price can't be beat

Best for the price. Target brands are always a safe second choice from your expensive first.


I love targets products & these are the only wipes i use!

i love these, they are better than anything else ive tried and much more affordable, i think the new up and up products are even better

I am a big fan of the Up & Up products. We use both the diapers and the wipes. I like that the wipes are thick and that they don't irritate sensitive skin. I buy the refill ones that don't have the plastic dispenser top. They are easy to get out one-handed and don't stick together as often as other wipes we've tried.

These wipes are good quality a good price. I like the packaging. Easy to throw in my diaper bag and go.

I love Target products. The cost less and have high quality:)

I love love love target's up and up brand! I even use the diapers which are similar in quality to the regular huggies diapers. Cant go wrong for more diapers at half the cost!

I love this product as well! These wipes are wonderful! Almost as thick as a washcloth! With the thickness you do not have to use as many per diaper change as other wipe brands. They are by far the best wipes throughout the name brand and store brand options. They are not soaking wet when you pull them out of the dispenser, but are the perfect amount of wetness to get the job done with less wipes. I agree that the packaging was a lil awkward. The individual plastic dispensing boxes have an unusual opening where the wipes come out. It works great to help pull the wipes apart, but is painful to reach through to get more wipes. I resolved this problem by just using the wipe refills of Target wipes inside of a different brand dispensing box for easier usage.

These wipes are about $3 cheaper than the Pampers wipes that I used to buy. They are thick and absorbant, and the sensitive skin variety is really for sensitive skin babies! My daughter did not have any problems with them at all. I love to find out about store brand products that actually work and cost less.