Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax Cereal

Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax Cereal

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The cereal was pretty good, and i appreciated the amount of fibre i'd get in a serving, but it wasn't good enough to switch my from my current 'go-to' cereal, and the price was too high to justify. thank you for the free sample though!

I love this and healthy too!

This cereal has great flavor and texture. The only downfall would be the fact that it gives you gas...oops. :-)

I thought it was delicious, and I love that they sent me a free sample! It's great with milk, yogurt, or just plain. And for those of you looking for something healthy and filling to minch on, this is definetely a great option.

I received a coupon and decided to try it. This is now my fav cereal. I use it as a snack for work too.

I love the taste of this product. Very cruchy and satisfying.

I agree with everyone else. This cereal tastes great once you let it soften a bit.

I tried my sample and I liked this cereal very much.

I loved this product. I got a free sample of it in today and it was really good. So good my fiance even liked it and he doesnt like ANYTHING thats good for him. Its a little less sweet then sugar smacks but the good thing about it is it doesnt get as soggy as sugar smacks does and its healthy! Loved it definitely something we will buy.

This is a great healthy adult cereal. I love the crunchy taste & knowing that I am eating something good for me with lots of fiber. My new favorite cereal!!!

This was an excellent cereal. I tried to wait for the milk, but had a really hard time. It's a great snack! ;)

This is my all time favorite cereal, it is a staple in my house. It stays crunchy in milk, and is deliciously nutty. The puffed rice reminds me of golden crisp, but better. This is one of the only cereals I can eat and still be full 4 hours later. I love putting it into yogurt to add crunch, of course I can eat it by the handful right out of the box too. My favorite thing about this product is that it makes me want to eat breakfast every day.