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  • WEMAKE7 By  WEMAKE7    

    We bought both the tablets and gel and I do have to say that we like the gel better, it was easier to put on his gums but the tablets are great too. Seems to help instantly and help him get a better nights sleep. Really like that it's all natural.

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  • croggy By  croggy    

    Could not live without these with a teething baby..used on both of my kids and have always had great results.

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  • tanyacook By  tanyacook    

    Liked the fact that it was natural and the brand has been around for years. But I'm not sure that it's as effective as Orajel. On the other hand you can give it to them more often than the orajel which may be beneficial.

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  • srhipp By  srhipp    

    I used this when my son was little and teething and it was a great way to sooth teeth as they were coming in. I will get more for my next child.

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  • Heavens76 By  Heavens76    

    I am already stocking up on these for when my 12 week old starts to teeth. I used these for both of my boys who are now 4 and 6, my husband and I nicknamed them baby crack. These were the only thing that helped alleviate the pain of teething for my boys. As a Mom, I cannot survive teething without these. I tell all new Mom's they have to get these to help with teething!

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  • imanangel202001 By  imanangel202001    

    These work great for little ones that are teething. Really help with the grumpiness and pain.

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  • butterflyfaerie7 By  butterflyfaerie7    

    We used these with my oldest and they were a great help with his teething.

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  • jyoti81 By  jyoti81    

    great product

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  • lucas567 By  lucas567    

    I used these when my son was getting teeth and they where great.

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  • circularsmiles By  circularsmiles    

    I heard this was pulled off the shelves for homeopathic/herbal safety fears? Well, it was obviously proven safe and came right back out! This was the ONLY product to help ease my daughters' terrible teething from 3 months- 1 year! We'd even use 1 tablet before nursing so I never got bitten again!

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  • WeiserAcademy By  WeiserAcademy    

    I have used this product with 4 of my six children. I used a teething gel with my first 2. But this product works much better and the children stay calmer. The children like the taste and I feel good knowing it is a natural product.

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  • coffeechic By  coffeechic    

    I've used this with all three of my girls. Never had to buy gel or any unnatural things. It works perfectly every time. Instant relief, I LOVE this product!! Whenever someone asks for advice, I always tell them about Hyland's and the net feeder with frozen fruit :)

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  • THauge By  THauge    

    I love that these are all natural. They are the only thing that worked for either of my kids when they were teething. It helped to calm and soothe my kids. We had tried everything else before trying these.I'd recommend them to everyone.

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  • shelstrat By  shelstrat    

    Seemed to help my son when he was teething and loved the fact that it was all natural!

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  • Cassrox By  Cassrox    

    I used these when my twin boys started teething & they worked great for the first month or so. After that it always seemed like they were still in so much pain so I had to try teething gels & found a night time one that took their pain away enough for them to fall asleep. Disappointed that it didn't work as well on my boys as it did for other reviewers.

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