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  • 87rbbjef By  87rbbjef    

    Love this for the whole family

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  • mdkerestes By  mdkerestes    

    I rarely eat cold cereal. Bear Naked cereal is one of very few cold cereals I purchase. I love the flavor and the ingredients are so real and taste great. When I see it on sale, I grab a bag as a tret to myself!

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  • DFranklin By  DFranklin    

    A handful of these nuts for breakfast with some coffee or tea and MAYBE a buscuit is a healthy alternative. I Love this

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  • Supermary By  Supermary    

    Great and delicious cereal! This cereal is yummy and healthy, which makes breakfast perfect!! I love the different variety of flavours!! I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

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  • Break_the_rules By  Break_the_rules    

    Great cereal! It gives me an extra boost in the morning..naturally! And its really yummy too! Ii love how many flavors it comes in! It is pricey but totally worth it!

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  • kngmckellar By  kngmckellar    

    Trying to eat healthy and this is a great cereal. I love it! Tasty and good for you both!

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  • mjm1998 By  mjm1998    

    I saw this in the store and thought it wouldn't be something I would like, then I received a free sample of it, and now I buy it all the time. It is sweet, crunchy, and healthy. I love it.

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  • ladysodivine By  ladysodivine    

    A great snack or addition to yogurt or oatmeal. I love that this contains all natural and "real" ingredients.

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  • SiLvEr-StArS By  SiLvEr-StArS    

    If You Like a really crunky cereal, then this is the 1 for you. Has alot of fruit & Nuts inside. W/ a lite sweeten taste. I Also eat this as a snake at times. This brand Bear Naked is really good!!!

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  • FitLissa By  FitLissa    

    This is a very tasty treat ....fantastic with my plain greek yogurt

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  • jercan By  jercan    

    Love this cereal!!! It's kinda pricey so I often look for it on sale

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  • theshoelesswanderer By  theshoelesswanderer    

    Love their cereals. Great amount of sweetness and crunch. The price can be pretty steep so only on sale!

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  • testrite By  testrite    

    This is amazing. I love the bare naked products. The cereal is the best.

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  • kbaby05 By  kbaby05    

    Bear Naked granola is very healthy and great tasting. Highly recommended,. Many different falvors. I lov eating it with my yogurt

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  • aprincess7678 By  aprincess7678    

    I love this. It is so yummy and good for me too!!

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