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  • speshalk By  speshalk    

    I was very excited when I found this product. But, when I got it home I was disappointed. Didn't like it very much. & I love love love Starbucks!!! I think the ice cream had a too real taste of "actual coffee" in it instead of "flavored."

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  • bobbittsara By  bobbittsara    

    The CM flavor ROCKS! Def. tastes like the drink. The only down side is that its a bit pricey. I only got it b/c I had a coupon.

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  • simplicity738 By  simplicity738    

    I was fortunate enough to receive two coupons for free pints of Starbucks ice cream (Through Facebook app). Prior to this, I was reluctant to spend $5 on a pint of ice cream...even if it was Starbucks. I thought to myself "How great can this stuff be? Really. It's just ice cream." To my surprise, when my family and I took a couple spoonfuls of the Caramel Macchiato ice cream, we were *hooked*. It was fantastic. Unfortunately, after the second pint, we've only become more addicted. Nevertheless, it's okay to feed this new found long as it's done in moderation. Because even at $5 a pint, it's well worth it.

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  • amfreeman By  amfreeman    

    Love this ice cream! Have not tried the hot chocolate flavor but would like to now I heard of it.

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  • KarynH By  KarynH    

    The best to me is the Java Chip! I tried most of the flavors (can't find the hot chocolate though) and bought like 5 pints of the Java Chip!!! My favorite ice cream now.

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  • milo9282002 By  milo9282002    

    I got a free sample but have bought several more pints since, with $1 off coupons. I love the Hot Chocolate flavor the best, it has no coffee. Next is the Caramel Macchiato, very yummy. Of course you can get 1.5 quarts of ice cream for about the same price as this but this is really good, creamy, flavorful ice cream - a nice treat. And the less you buy, the less you eat. ;) Try it!

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