e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Eyebrow Kit

e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Eyebrow Kit

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I'd never used a brow kit before and after seeing reviews on youtube I purchased it and it's great. It makes my eyes look so much better. It's the perfect frame to your eyes.

I lov this product it works great and its cheap! it also comes with an adorable little brush which works great!

I LOVE this product. My mom bought the exact same thing at benefit for $28-ish. Mine was $3. I love finding cheap dupes!


I love this product. Im a natural blond who dies my hair dark brown so my eye brows look silly without any product in them. Ive found that many products out there do help to fill in and/or darken my brows, but dont last very long. I hate having to reapply my makeup more than once throughout the day, but this product lasts! The wax is smooth and give great shape control and the powder helps fill in and set the wax to last all day. It looks natural and I even like the applicator that it comes with, which I cant say for most products that include one. The pigmentation is great and the color choices are wonderful. I also really like the packaging! It comes with a lot of product and its only $3! Its the best, and most inexpensive, eyebrow kit Ive ever used.

I have very very blond eyebrows, to the point of not being able to see them. I also have red hair, so they definitely need some definition! I bought this eyebrow set just recently and I am in love!! It looks very natural and is very easy to use!

I guess it's okay. The gel side is pigmented, but the color of the powder doesn't seem natural to me. I also notice that it's very not long wearing. But hey, you get what you pay for.

i like this product!

I've never tried this product, but after reading reviews, I will!

Sounds pretty interesting. I think I need to go purchase this and see for myself.

I have been impressed with all the E.L.F products that I have tried. They work great and the price is amazing. I have purchased online and whenever I find the products in stores, I snatch them up.

I also love the eyebrow kit. It works great and blends right into my natural eyebrows. I use it to fill gaps or to just make my eyebrows a little darker. I have done the 'oopsie' tweezing too, where I have over tweezed in some spots, this is a great product for that as well. It corrects over tweezing. I love the brushes, they make it easy to apply and blend. It seems to last all day and I usually do not reapply it. I have had mine for 6 months, and use it frequently. A little goes a very long way.

Thanks for reviewing. I tried tried their blush/brozer duo for the first time and loved it also. the prices are great too.

Because of this review, I will try this product!

E.L.F Studio line is a great one! The Studio line has very pigmented products and I love them!