Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereal

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I tried the Honey Sunshine and it reminds me of Honeycomb but for adults and better for you! Great to nibble on dry, haven't tried it with milk yet. Very filling.

I absolutely loved this cereal! I was amazed that something that tastes this great is also good for you!

It was very good I loved the hint of honey flavor.

This stuff is great! It reminds me of my favorite cereal, Captain Crunch.

i was a lil unsure when i received a free sample in the mail. i thought, how good could this be? i was surprised i loved it! and now its my #1 cereal !!

I love this cereal just like all the other Kashi products. I enjoyed it as a snack right out of the box.

I love it! great taste and good for you. I like most of the Kashi cereals

My young girls thought it was cap'n crunch, any way to sneak in nutritous snacks!!

I absolutely loved this new Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal. It is the third kind I have tried by Kashi. They have great hot cereal and granola bars as well! I am a customer for life :)

Kashi!!! Haven't yet tried a Kashi product that I didn't like!! I eat Kashi for breakfast in some for or another (waffles, cereal, bars, ect. ) and have for more than a year now. I've turned family and friends onto the goodness of Kashi. Love 'em - can't get enough!!!!!

This is a great cereal and also a healthy one tied up in one box. Really enjoyed the taste

I got a free sample and liked it a lot. I couldn't find it at the three stores I normally shop at, then I discovered that the one store put it in the "organic" aisle instead of the regular cereal aisle (even though other Kashi cereals are in the cereal aisle...). The store was charging $4.49 for a small box, but luckily I had a coupon. I like the cereal a lot, but won't be buying it again unless the price comes down a lot.

I love this cereal. It has a sweet taste and it is good for you

High in fiber and still taste great. Keeps me satisfied all morning.

Oh man! Kashi's honey sunshine cereal is sooo delicious! I know it's good for me too. It has SEVEN different WHOLE grains. I knew it would be good, but I thought it was GREAT when I tried it!