Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers

Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers

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We really enjoyed using these. They have great gussets to prevent leaks, are super soft, and have a sweet pattern on the front. I was surprised reading other reviews; Because we too find a lack of larger sizes being stocked by stores & that they always seem to be higher in cost then other eco-brands. That aside, they do offer a great alternative to more conventional diapers for sensitive skin babies.

Love it, buy it, leak proof, diaper rash proof, best price found at Target.

I used these as long as I could on my babies. I loved how soft they were. I will def be buying these again with my next child.

I purchased these for my daughter when she was very little (several months maybe?). I honestly could not tell a difference between these and regular Huggies besides the ink used on the print was much lighter. For as much as they cost I would recommend purchasing cloth diapers if you're truly worried about chemicals in typical diapers. For the price, they just aren't practical for daily use.

We used Huggies when they were on sale, for our son and they worked great for us.

This brand used to be my favorite - until they adjusted their package, somehow I found the diapers are different. They worked so well on my both daughters. I love them being scent-free, which amazingly seems to be a very hard target to achieve these days. Even on my little one with super sensitive skins, they worked well, did not give her any break-outs.

My favorite diapers. They're natural, don't smell weird, and do a great job keeping leaks in!

These are my favorite diapers, but they are much too expensive for our budget. They are nice because they are made with natural products, which I love, and they fit nicely as I find Huggies do. Other than the price, they are fantastic!

When our LO was born, before we moved to cloth diapers, we used these diapers and they help up great. Love blue wetness indicator line!

Love these, very soft!

Loved these when my son was a newborn. But our store doesn't have the bigger sizes!

So far, we haven't had any problems with these diapers. I will say they are bulky and it's hard to fit them in her changing case. We haven't had any problems with leaks and I always buy them on sale and with a coupon. My husband likes them because of the wetness indicator and there are more diapers in a jumbo pack than in our usual brands package.

Great diapers! I bought these to use on my little one when she was first born. They do seem to run small though. So we ran in to a little problem where we weren't able to use all of them bc they got too snug.

I have to start by saying that only once have I used any other brand of diaper...I guess this is at the same time a testimony to how great I think they are and also a disclosure that my outside experience is quite limited. I think these diapers are great! I have used them on both of my daughters. They are soft, seldom leak, and I think that they hold a good volume of urine - I put a size three on my 5month old at night (she wears a size 2 during the day) and she is almonets lays dry the morning. The outside of the diaper does feel damp, though if it gets too full. Additionally, I have had very little trouble with diaper rash with both of my girls while using these diapers. On the one occasion that I did switch to another natural brand, my oldest daughter broke out in the worst diaper rash!!! Hence, I stand by my brand. Regarding price, they are more expensive, however they are more reasonably priced at Target, Target often runs sales on them, and in combination with coupons, I find the price to be reasonable and well worth it. I would recommend them to anyone!

I love these diapers they are so great for babies that have sensitive bottoms. These are the only diapers my one year old can wear.