Movie Bruno

Movie Bruno

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This movie was discusting and not even close to funny! I saw it for free and was still pissed I wasted my time watching it!! They wasted soooo much money on this CRAP they call entertainment!

I give it negative 5 starts! >_<

I agree totally, if you saw the previews you saw the movie. It was a horrible movie!

Im so glad I didnt waste my money on it

i wasted my time 4 days ago....

Thank goodness for The Stop button.

I was dragged to watch it with a friend. What a waste of my time. His tactics are aimed for humor, however I find it distasteful comedy. There were times when I had to cover my eyes just because the scenes were THAT horrible to see...and I thought that you only cover your eyes during horror movies...

Not my kind of move:(

doesn't the goofy poster say enough? i would imagine it to be more disgusting and less humorous than borat. . . an obvious ploy to generate $$ on the heels of his "successful" movie and mtv awards appearance.

Its just the stupidiest movie (besides Final Destination 3) ive ever seen dont waste ur money it is just like Borat and i only watched like 2 mins of Borat and i can tell u its also a waste of money and precious time!!

This was probably one of the worst said-to-be funny movies I've ever seen. Don't let your kids watch it!!!

Pass. I really don't find him funny at all.

This was a discusting movie. My husband and I left the movie and got our money back. I was shocked by how gross this movie was.

I definitely think 'Borat' was a lot funnier than this, but it's still has it's moments. Not the best, but not the worst movie ever. Let's not be dramatic here. Have you seen 12/12/12????

Seriously!!! Bruno doesn't touch Borat. I was so disappointed. I wouldn't even recommend renting it. If your friend has it or you can watch it for free somehow then by all means knock yourself out. But don't waste your money. If you've seen the preview than you've seen the movie. Because all the funny parts are in the preview.