Movie Bruno

Movie Bruno

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really, really awful movie. I wouldn't even recommend this movie to my worst enemy...

i had a gay friend befor and really have nothing against gay ppl but this movie makes u absolutly disgust of em.its nasty at times .some parts are funny but over all i do not want to see it again and do not recommend it.

This movie was absolutely ridiculous!

really, really awful movie.

sorry, but I think is a stupid movie

Paid someone 50 cents to take this of my hands at a garage sale. This movie should come with a warning label about the loss of brain cells you might lose if you watch it!

I did not like this at all! I only watched it because I was at a friends and had no choice in the matter. It was plain stupid. Sure some things were funny but i would never watch again.

Salve a tutti/e! Sono una nuova iscritta (scusate se posterò in lingua italiana, perchè provengo da quel Paese) e, vorrei dire la mia soprattutto sull'interprete del film "Bruno": Sacha Baron Coen è fantastico; lo seguivo già dai tempi del suo primo film, molto divertente e dissacrante. Come lui, non ce ne sono. Troppo fooorte!!!

This movie was no where near as good at Borat. In fact, compared to Borat it was TERRIBLE.

if i could give it negative stars, i would.

Pass. I really don't find him funny at all.

This movie was discusting and not even close to funny! I saw it for free and was still pissed I wasted my time watching it!! They wasted soooo much money on this CRAP they call entertainment!

This was probably one of the worst said-to-be funny movies I've ever seen. Don't let your kids watch it!!!

Its just the stupidiest movie (besides Final Destination 3) ive ever seen dont waste ur money it is just like Borat and i only watched like 2 mins of Borat and i can tell u its also a waste of money and precious time!!

doesn't the goofy poster say enough? i would imagine it to be more disgusting and less humorous than borat. . . an obvious ploy to generate $$ on the heels of his "successful" movie and mtv awards appearance.