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  • Cstalsy By  Cstalsy    

    I love this seat. My daughter thinks it is comfortable and she will likely be in it until it expires because she is so tiny. My only complaint is the strap to tighten it is difficult to pull if you have the seat installed tightly.

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  • JShields2432 By  JShields2432    

    This is just the best carseat. You will never have to worry about changing as they grow!

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  • tkleonard By  tkleonard    

    My son is using this right now and he likes it. Price not bad! Helps you save lots of money with the 3 in 1! Looking forward to the next few years using it!

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  • KMandeville By  KMandeville    

    At first our daughter was not a fan of the transition but after she used it for a month and rode in it for a 23 hour road trip she would much rather be in this than her infant one. I love how this seat will grow with her over time and we do not have to keep buying different seats for her. It is easy to install and even fits in some of the smallest of cars.

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  • Doffhaus89 By  Doffhaus89    

    I bought this found out that despite being a three in one, it does not rear face. However I returned and bought the Myride 65 and my son LOVES it!

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  • Alissadsuggs By  Alissadsuggs    

    Really really wanted to love this car seat but also really wanted to extended rear face my daughter. It was a totally bummer when we went to install and realized we couldn't get it to rear face

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  • Kissa2324 By  Kissa2324    

    This car seat is user friendly and very simplistic to put together and install. Its slightly on the heavier side( 25lbs) so I wouldn't suggest this seat if you are going to have to move it from vehicle to vehicle. But aside from how heavy it I would defiantly recommend this seat. My daughter just loves the little cubbies she has on the inside arm rests for her things, and the cup holder also comes in very handy. Also with the extended head rest it helps keep the little ones head up while they are sleeping.

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  • Jlovesbaby By  Jlovesbaby    

    I love this car seat. I bought this one for my youngest which he is 1yr old and he is so comfortable, I can tell he loves it. My other son that is 2yrs old has a different one and to be honest I don't like it for one its to big and I will be buying this car seat for him bcuz I know he will love it and be comfortable like my other son. Love this car seat! Will be buying it for my next one too. Wich she will be born in July.

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  • KARENMP31 By  KARENMP31    

    We just got this for our toddler who is tall but lean and not enough weight to transition to just a booster. So far we love it although it looks like the straps tangle easily which is one of the problems we had with the first one.

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  • shrout319 By  shrout319    

    I absolutely love this car seat. It is kind of heavy and awkward to carry but other then that it's amazing. I like that we can use it for several years.

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  • julia921 By  julia921    

    so easy to use.

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  • Kmiles By  Kmiles    

    I have owned many car seats between my two kids. I now own two of these. It is the only car seat that fit my budget and safety requirements. Would buy it again.

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  • tbarnes13 By  tbarnes13    

    I loved the Myride, but when my little nugget started unbuckling himself before 18 months, we ditched it. Now that he's 2, we wanted to invest in something a little down the line. First, I can't tell you how much I had missed the cup holder. I will say the only thing that would make this seat better is if there were two cup holders. One for the drink and one for a snack. We got ours on Amazon for about 140 which is pretty decent in the land of quality carseats. It also is a front facing carseat which will convert to booster, then backless booster. So you're really getting 3 safety seats in one. We use the safety belt installation method and it's pretty easy. I think the best part is the fact that adjusting the height of the straps is a breeze. I've had such a difficult time on other carseats trying to reach into no mans land and loop the straps back on with much failure. The Nautilus is great.

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  • Liduvina By  Liduvina    

    This car seat is simple to adjust in a car. The price is reasonable.

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  • jkelly821 By  jkelly821    

    I am so glad that we bought this car seat. It is VERY heavy, sturdy and solid. I was researching different car seats when we came across this one. I had a cheap high-back booster, and it was too flimsy in the car-moving all around-and I didn't like that. I wanted one that could act as a 5 point harness and then a high back booster and then just a booster, but that would still utilize the LATCH system in the car to secure a correct positioning. This car seat does that. It fits so tight that it does not budge, and that makes me feel secure. My son has been using this seat since he was 3 and is still using it now at almost 8! I have removed the 5 point harness so he only uses the car belt, but we still have it latched into the car. The fabric comes off easily to clean in the washer and dryer, and I like that it has a cup holder and little compartments on the side for my son to keep a few of his small things. I plan to keep this for my daughter, or buy her a new one when she is ready for a big girl seat.

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