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  • imsum1els By  imsum1els    

    I got this cup for my daughter when she was 12 months hoping to get her off of the spout asap. When she first tried drinking from it she couldn't get the hang of it so we put the cup up for a few months. One night we couldn't find any of her cups so I took out this one and let her try again. It took her about 5 mins to finally get the water out, but once she got it she loved that she had a a big girl cup. It's the only cup she'll use now!

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  • lilmommaof3 By  lilmommaof3    

    This is a good cup, doesn't leak, but I do have to suck on it myself to start the water coming out of the cup. My almost 2 year old can get it after that, but not initially.

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  • Rnkmom By  Rnkmom    

    I love this cup. My daughter started using it at 9 months and seemed to pick up that she has to suck to get the liquid out. I haven't had a problem with leakage yet. It's great!

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  • amieng29 By  amieng29    

    This is probably the best sippy cup I have purchased, and with a 5 year old, a 3 year old and a 1 year old I have purchased quite a few! It keeps the contents cold the longest and it is the only one that after many many uses still does not leak! LOVE this sippy!

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  • akburlage By  akburlage    

    We tried giving our three year old a regular cup with no lid, but as careful as he was, he would still spill some. So, at the request of my husband to find a cup that was less like a sippy cup with the raised spout, I bought this cup for our son. It's great and it keeps his milk cold. It is more like a big boy cup, but keeps the floors dry from spills :) We bought a set of 3 of them from BJs for a great price!

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  • chevy7998 By  chevy7998    

    my son is 2 and he likes drinking out of it he thinks hes a big boy . I like the idea of not having to use sippy cups with valves. there the best out there

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  • mmyers81 By  mmyers81    

    i use these cups for my twins and i love them becuase they are spill proof!

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  • alaskajamaica By  alaskajamaica    

    I really appreciate this cup. I use one a day for my son and will use it once my infant is at the stage for this cup. I have never had a problem with leaking.

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  • jameslicex0 By  jameslicex0    

    LOVE IT! My toddler can't spill now and he still feels like a big kid! This cup truely prepared him to use the glass cups we have at home!

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  • mom2my3boyz By  mom2my3boyz    

    My boys absolutely love the Playtex Coolster Tumbler. We no longer use the valves which makes a huge difference. They love the fact that they have "big boy" cups. Plus, they are very durable.

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  • LoandTaysmommy By  LoandTaysmommy    

    I really liking the look and feel fo the cups. but I washed them up, filled them up and tried them out, The kids could not suck hard enought to get the juice out. I even tried and couldnot get juice out. I got 6 of them and now I'm out wish I would have tried just one. NOt a good cup at all!

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