Movie The Last House On The Left

Movie The Last House On The Left

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I found the rape scene hard to watch but once it past that it was a good movie.

Okay, I saw the original before watching the remake. The original was quite stupid. I loved the remake. The thing about this movie is that these things do happen to people and I think that true some scenes were graphic, but that just to show how the real world is. I don't know why this movie got so much crap, because it was a lot better than the first and a lot better than some of the movies that came out this year. I liked the movie.

I love suspense movies & thought this was one of the best I've seen in a while.

This was an enjoyable movie. There was a great bit of edge of your seat scenes.

This movie was so stupid. I was so very disappointed. The rape scene didn't bother me, I think it was necessary to convey the the severity of the situation...the story idea was good, but I think that it should have played out differently.

OK the movie was good but there is one scene in which was totally not necessary and dragged out way to long (the rape scene). My husband and I actually had to fast forward through that part because it seemed to carry on forever. I think they should have edited it better before finalizing the movie.

Too graphic for me:(

I was told about this movie when I was a kid by my mom. I saw the first one... then the remake. I liked the remake a lot better.

stupid movie.we even saw the original befor from the 70 s and it was jus as dumb the only difference was the camera view and the picture looked better..but it shows what can happen to girls if they dont have there guards up or use drugs..but i wouldnt wanna see that movie again

i loved it

i actually liked this movie alot.

I agree this is NOT a scary/horror movie at all. I was led to believe it was from the previews. It was my own fault for unknowingly renting the unrated version from Red Box. I somewhat understand the scene was somewhat needed for the plot, but it could have been more of an implied version, without the graphic content and length of the scene.

you have to remember that this movie was rated R. I think the rape scene was needed to show how much disgust there was with the villians. Had they just captured the girl, there would not have been as much sympathy from the viewers when the parents do what they do. This movie is NOT a scary movie, by any means, but it is a good action thriller.