Gerber NUK Learner Cup

Gerber NUK Learner Cup

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made a great starter cup. I liked that it had handles on both sides

These were great starter cups. My daughter didn't want a bottle at 6 months so we tried these and had no complaints. They were great in the dishwasher as long as you pulled apart all the pieces of the cups (otherwise it molded)

My daughter has been using these since she was 4 months old. Very easy to use and doesn't spill....even with her juice...and you can definately find them at Walmart for around $7.00.

seems easier transition for my baby!!!and spill proof~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the only sippy cup that my 6 month old will take!

my twins love this sippy cup. It is a great cup to make the transition from bottle to cup.

I could always find these in walmart or target, or, they are pretty expensive. My daughter really liked them when she was little and I think it is a great transitional sippy cup.

I wish we could find those in stores

great for newborns i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gerber NUK learner cup is the best sippy cup out there. My son refused all other cup but this one. The spout is soft and similar to a bottle nipple which makes the transition from bottle to cup so much easier. I tried all kinds of cups, hard spouts, soft straws, hard straws, other soft spouts, but nothing beat this product! We have about 5 of them and buy more when ever we see them!