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  • basilandcatnip By  basilandcatnip    

    wonderful fun movie. Sweet relationships. Love Streep as Childs, wasn't so sure the first couple minutes of the movie but I was instantly drawn in. The onion scene was hillarious! Motiviational to just go out there after what you want.

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  • xxxbocxxx By  xxxbocxxx    

    I thought it was funny. I know it wasn't about Julia Child but I wanted to know more about her after wards. But overall I thought it was a job well done...

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  • luvs2travel By  luvs2travel    

    I did not know much about julia child and loved that part of the story, the julie part I did not really care for. not worth the $10.50

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  • ddavidso By  ddavidso    

    It was rated 4 stars by ciritics so I thought to go see it. The story line around Julia Childs was fascinating but not enough to carry the mvoie. The Julie character is a modern day blogger who decides to cook every recipe out of an old Julia Childs book and write about it... ho humm.... she was pretty dreary.

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