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  • Momof32014 By  Momof32014    

    These drop ins are hands down my favorite. It's clean, fast there is less clean up and my son sucks less air during feelings.

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  • lizamrivera By  lizamrivera    

    i think this is a really great product, because you don't have to kill your self checking if the the bottle is clean properly. PLUS IS GREAT FOR NEW BORN BECAUSE DON'T GIVE THEM GASSES. Some regular bottles have a mad smell after you clean them, and no matter how many times or if you clean them with different things they still have that smell. but using the drop-ins bottles, you don't have to worry about non of that you just clean the nipple and the rest of the bottle and put a new drop-in bottle. GREAT PRODUCT HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

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  • lickysplitnik By  lickysplitnik    

    I like them just hate that I have to push the bag up

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  • tashadk2c By  tashadk2c    

    This product is great for the mom on the go all the time. I like using this product because it's simple to use and easy to pack when my baby has to go to granny's house. The clean up is also great because the tedious part about using other bottles is washing all the parts of the bottle. With this set you can put all of it in the dishwasher (except the liners) and go.

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  • ccummins10 By  ccummins10    

    I do not like the liners in bottles. I think it is a big waste of money, especially in this rough economy. To each their own though.

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  • butterflykisses24 By  butterflykisses24    

    These are. Good when you are traveling, just throw after us. However, you will always have to be spending money on liners. Not good when you're already struggling.

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  • vanessafas By  vanessafas    

    My mom used these for us when we were little, they were a breakthrough and lifesaver back then! I like these, but not as much as Dr. Brown's bottles. The good news is that these are great for on-the-go, as cleanup involves tossing the drop-in. The bad news is that these create a lot of waste, and you are always spending money on the drop-ins.

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  • bethlucile By  bethlucile    

    I like these bottles compared to some of the other brands I prefer either these ones or dr brwns are the only 2 I have used on ym children and I have not 1 cmplaint

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  • gabbiec10 By  gabbiec10    

    Very easy to use. Never have to worry about cleaning the bottom of the bottle

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  • Lizzard By  Lizzard    

    Love these! Convenient, always clean, and quick - no skinny bottles that you have to meticulously scrub (which with traveling became quite the pain!).

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  • MommyLovesPink By  MommyLovesPink    

    I had a hard time finding the perfect bottle for my baby since she was only breastfed and hated the flavor of silione, however she did like this one for a short while. The drop ins are convenient if you hate washing bottles, the air can easily be removed to prevent colic and the material is very resistant; however, spending for drop-ins (assuming you are a mom who bottle feeds only) can add up overtime to the same price as maybe buying several bottles from other prestigious brands like Advent bottles, the drop-in liners also tend to crumple up very easily not allowing an exact measurement of the content, and to warm it up you might have to do so in another container which means more washing anyways.

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  • LaneTwo37 By  LaneTwo37    

    Playtex Drop-In Liners are fast, convenient and totally mom-friendly. The shaped opening of the liner allows for easy handling and bottle preparation. They also allow for quick warming in a cup of water.

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  • WEMAKE7 By  WEMAKE7    

    Liked these when I HAD to use them. You don't have to worry about having to clean the bottom of a bottle when you can just toss these away...

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  • sassyracing79 By  sassyracing79    

    Great bottles for traveling, or for anytime. I tried using other bottles and my son hated them, both my kids loved these bottles. Makes mixing formula much easier, also cuts back on time spent washing dishes!

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  • harajuku_beats By  harajuku_beats    

    Great for breastfeeding mom's and excellent eliminates the fact that its hard to wash the bottom of a bottle so they are the perfect bottle bottomless and technically always clean and perfect breast milk storage. Cons are the simple fact that you ahve to constantly spend money on the liners.

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