Swiffer  Dust & Shine Furniture Spray

Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Spray

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Swiffer Dust & Shine does a great job on my mahogany coffee tables and other furniture, and I really like the smell. Great outcome.

I found that it smells great. Cleans well but leaves wood floors very slippery if any spray got on the floor. I founf it hard to clean the furniture close to the floor.

Works great on glass and smells good.

Great for make glasses glide off the table. Love the shine and the color of the table is more vibrant after use.

Best ever !!

I use Swiffer Dust & Shine in the lavender scent. I find the scent of this product to be better than other wood polishes. I also find that it leaves behind less residue than other brands. I really like to use this on the interior plastic of my car, because it helps to keep dust at bay and also improves the way my car smells! Of course, it also works great on all wood surfaces.

Smells great (Lavender and Vanilla) and leaves my furniture sparkling. I also use it on my shower tiles after I scrub them down because it leaves the tiles spot free after a shower and doesn't allow the soap scum to build up.

Smells great and can be used on my countertops and for dusting wood furniture.

I have always been a fan of Endust, but gave this a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it picked up dust and I really liked the two scents that I have tried. I will continue to buy in the future.

i have always used pledge but when this came out i waited for it to go on sale and bought a couple i have used both scents and love the smell of each one way better than the pledge i use a lot of febreze air fresheners so its nice to be able to match my cleaning products to the scents i use already to avoid a funky mixture of smells in the air

Great fresh smell!!

the smell is fabulous although the shine is slightly less spectacular then good ole'pledge. i must say though is use it constantly especially the hawiian scent as it smells that good and the difference between pledge is very subtle.

The various fragrance options are all great. The amount of shine isn't as lustrous as Pledge, and the amount of wax isn't as much. Not a bad thing, unless you prefer a greater amount of wax on the intended surface.

I love the scents but I do not think the actual cleaners works any better or worse than the other.

I love this spray! It works great, smells great. It cleans my stainless stell sink great. One downturn is that if you use to much at one time it smells too much.