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  • Aliciadawns26 By  Aliciadawns26    

    Love love love

    Love love 💘 love this polish I'm always on the go with little ones so it's hard for me to sit still very long normally I can never paint my nails and expect them to look nice but with this I paint them and they are good to go with amazing coverage and colors

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  • SHE-CHO By  SHE-CHO    



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  • kharris2007 By  kharris2007    

    I love the nail color I chose and it does dry fast even worse in the bottle.

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  • CadenceBlythe By  CadenceBlythe    

    I love this product especially when applied in multiple layers. I allow the layers to dry in-between coats. The reason I deducted a star was because the tips of my nails, when polished with this seem to chip away within a day or two. Other than that the color is very vibrant. If you feel it is too thick, simply pour a tad of fingernail polish remover in it, close the top and then shake. Don't put too much, just a tad.....3 or 4 drops.

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  • graysongirl By  graysongirl    

    This nail polish may instantly dry when I do my nails, but it also dries up in the bottle, too.

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  • Analytical82 By  Analytical82    

    It may be fast to dry but unfortunately it is also fast to come off. I will still give 2 stars though because at a lower-average price range to most polishes, you are still getting your money's worth...vibrant colors and an insta nail job that will maybe last up to 2 days (depending on top coat) without chipping.

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  • Jennie1512 By  Jennie1512    

    It does dry quickly so you don't want to leave the bottle open for very long. The color is fantastic!

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  • QueenOfPlastic By  QueenOfPlastic    

    I put on the Insta Dri Navy Fleet polish and Insta Dri top coat. Love the color, hate the polish. Basically I did nothing but watch a few hours of marathon TV. I fell asleep only to wake up to chipped and cracked nail polish. I couldn't believe this polish didn't last the night. I redid my nails thinking perhaps I got something on my nails. It happened again. All nails had spider vein cracks and chipping throughout. I would not recommend this polish and top coat.

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  • kaycamp By  kaycamp    

    Love it! Love the colors , the brush and of course that it's quick dry especially with having a newborn it's hard to have a little time for doing your nails and letting them dry

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  • calamari3zing By  calamari3zing    

    Sally Hansen has always been my top choice for nail polish. Even older versions from my mother's collection when I was a child. Over the years, they never dried out in the bottle, but the paint dries nice and quickly after being painted on nails. It's an amazing product; I would recommend it to anyone.

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  • ars1981 By  ars1981    

    Sally Hansen is my number one favorite nail polish ever I've use almost everything from sallys excellent product

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  • Alore1 By  Alore1    

    This is the only nail polish I'll use. I don't have patience to let my nails dry so this is perfect for me and anyone who is busy! They also have a lot of colors to choose from.

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  • EPalma By  EPalma    

    I love this ! It does dry very fast. It's also very pigmented.

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  • taina27pr By  taina27pr    

    I love this nail polish because it actually dries faster than any other ones out there, plus to me the best thing is that the color lasts a long time and it still glossy not dull like other fast drying nail polishes.

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  • Anaclaudia By  Anaclaudia    

    I really enjoy this very easy to apply lasts long I would recommend

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